[notes on healing | notizen zur heilung]

Searching for orgonite devices in summer 2019, I found the page of Orgon-Energiekörper , who´s inventor developed an orgonite that does not merely include the knowledge of Wilhelm Reich, but does also include Solfeggio frequencies in informed water and minerals, using also Nicola Teslas 3-6-9 knowledge in understanding the universe. In short: The orgonite devices work, do not wear out and – as needed – heal, center and reconnect everyone with his/her (healed) ground state or the universe. This is done gently, without any side effects or special application requirements. Even on intensively traumatized children and adults his nano frequency crystals help to heal – massively.


What I have learned so far:


1. low frequencies are the healing ones, not as – generally – assumed the high frequencies
2. take care if you do have a high frequency naturally – balance them and yourself with lower frequencies (reminder: we are on planet earth here)
3. planet earth is a healing planet (reminder: nowhere else you do have the chance to learn everything about healing from scratch)
4. the more you are within yourself, the fewer attacks can hit you in general (reminder: the brighter you shine from within, the more attacks will occur)
5. All is frequency, so are we. (reminder: the universe is inside of every single one of us)

6. love is the strongest power (reminder: love and root chakra activation is not the same)


NaFreGonit Pyramid, in 136.1 Hz – Source: https://www.orgon-energiekoerper.at/shop/orgonite/orgonite-pyramids/nafregonite-pyramid-protection-and-force/?lang=en


Most of the orgonite devices are available – according to the Solfeggio range – in the following frequencies:
174 Hz – Earth Energy & Pain Relief
285 Hz – Original form of energy
396 Hz – Liberation from guilt and fear
417 Hz – Resonance with the Universe
432 Hz – Gratitude and Inner Peace
528 Hz – Heart rate, DNA repair
639 Hz – Harmonic relationship and connection
741 Hz – Awakening of Intuition
852 Hz – Return to Spiritual Order
963 Hz – Divinity, Pine Gland activation


My recommendation: Buy or build such a device, based on this combined knowledge of Solfeggio/Tesla/Reich on your own, as history showed us that such healing tools are not available for good: The Solfeggio frequencies disappeared for centuries, Tesla was held down, Reich got killed.

Orgon-Energiekörper is sharing its knowledge on Youtube https://youtu.be/KeVRhEXaINg as well – partly – on its website https://www.orgon-energiekoerper.at/.


Source:  Bernhard Riegler explains on Youtube https://youtu.be/KeVRhEXaINg the Frequency generator KKMoon with the coil which “informs” a glass jar – containing here rose quartz inlaid in water – with the frequency of 528 Hz via a conductive plate. Both the water and the stone are later inserted into small glass vials in the otherwise common orgone pyramids, pendants, sticks, etc. Extra metal spirals are partly used to enhance the effect.