“The key to creating an effective spy or assassin

rests in splitting a man’s personality, or creating multipersonality,

with the aid of hypnotism …

This is not science fiction. This has and is being done.

I have done it.”

(Dr. G. H. Estabrooks, as quoted in a 1968 article in the Providence Evening Bulletin)


[ongoing since autumn 2014]


[April 2017]

Mag. Andrea Sadegh interviewed by Jo Lomax about the symptoms on SRA, MK Ultra, Trauma based mind Control & extreme abuse.


[January 2017]

Andrea Sadegh reopens her business for publishing books.


[20. December 2016]

Mag. Andrea Sadegh interviewed by Marc Gray from Camelot TV Network:

With German subtitles:

[27. November 2016]

Founder and leader of the Network against torture on toddlers and children, Mag. Andrea Sadegh, mentioned as one of the leading expert-by-experience researchers in the field in terms of SRA, trauma based mind control oder severe chronic torture on toddlers and small children:

Rainer Kurz: “Patsies ‘Made in Austria’ & ‘The Kingston Terminator’”: Psychologist Dr. Rainer Kurz describes Austrian as well as English cases of governmental tyranny, to silence mothers of child  victims of SRA or trauma based mind control, as well to present a “single perpetrator” – a patsy, to cover-up the networks behind governmental child abuse rings or human experimentation on children in the tradition of MK Ultra or trauma based mind control. He compares the Austrian Sadegh case with the similar cases of Austrian Fritzl and Austrian Kampusch and describes the modus operandi of courts, child protections services, governmental psychologists and physicicans. He warns with Lacter & Lehmann, as these crimes are highly complex:  ‘Reports of mind control methods, espionage operations, and spiritual or psychic experiences not in the clinician’s experience should not be the basis for a diagnosis of schizophrenia’, since: a, most clinicians are not authorities on these complex subjects, b, some abusers program bizarre beliefs (e.g., alien abduction) in victims to make them feel and appear non-credible or insane, and, c, Extreme posttraumatic stress from ritual abuse or trauma-based mind control can cause irrational fears and beliefs, especially if victims socially isolate and/or obtain information from unreliable sources, and, in severe cases, can result in acute or chronic traumatic stress reactive psychosis.’

The full article can be found here:


[Oktober 2016]

Annette Hafner, M.A. and Mag. Andrea Sadegh (after attempted murder via poison and Radiation) inteviewed by Miles T. Johnston in his basis series:

[September & Oktober 2016]

Trauma Workshop patronized by Sandra Fecht in Dornach Close to Basel (Switzerland) & in Watford/London (UK): Mag. Andrea Sadegh is presenting on “symptoms of toddlers and children” who had to suffer SRA or trauma based mind control.

[Dezember 2015]

Mag. Andrea Sadegh in round table talks with Dr. Ed Spencer:


[10. Oktober 2015]

Mag. Andrea Sadegh interviewed by Miesha Johnston on Revolution Radio about the symtoms of toddlers and children –  also about the awareness study about the crime: [ &]


[6. September 2015]

Survey asking about the awareness in the German and English speaking countries. (Deutsch) (English)




International campaign against torture on toddlers and children is published: [without words]


[16. May 2015]

Mag. Andrea Sadegh and Arndt Endriss interviewed by Miesha Johnston on Revolution Radio. Before, on 13.05.2015 Mag. Andrea Sadegh was attacked heavily with radiation – resulting in shivering for days, horrible pain in the scull for weeks.



[12. April 2015]

Stefanie Döring and Mag. Andrea Sadegh interviewed by Jo Conrad on



[13. Februar 2015]

ANONYMOUS | OP Death Eathers about the  Situation in Austria (13. Februar 2015):



[Januar 2015]

American scientist and survivor CARMEN HOLIDAY about the Sadegh case and the Situation in Austria: auf auf



[16. November 2014]

Interview with Mag. Andrea Sadegh onKlagemauer.TVfrom November 2014 about auf Trauma basierende Bewusstseinskontrolle:


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  • Mag. Andrea Sadegh had to cancel her presentation Trauma-based Mind Control & Ritual Abuse in Austria in the Mengele Tradition: An Actual Report of a Concerned Mother & Scientist  on the  S.M.A.R.T. -conference (Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference 2015) because of her own case, concerning her son “Luki”.