Lawyer needed for international test case on MK/SRA

Thank you for your generous donations, which are moving me deeply. I am happy about every single cent, nevertheless, more than donations, my son and I need a lawyer who specializes in international law, because without a lawyer, many legal proceedings are not possible. As there is so much evidence in the Sadegh case, it is the ideal case to create a precedent/test case – against Mk ultra/SRA/torture done on toddlers and children worldwide. I can offer a lawyer in addition to basic payment for reading into the case also 50% of the damage payments: Sadly, there are verifiable lifelong torture injuries, mutilations, names of perpetrators including their contacts to the judiciary, involved physicians, MK ultra trainers, programmers, politicians to secret service, etc.


Again, I am reachable over the network against torture on toddlers and children,, over or via mobile: +436644182488. Please note, that if your message is not confirmed by me within 24 hours, it did not reach me. Sincerely, Andrea Sadegh


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