strategic entanglement on the back of a tortured beloved boy and his scientist mummy or about mk ultra within austrian government and authorities

Actual writing to courts, asking for a judge who is not personally entangled or MK-ed –




Mag. Riegler Andrea

(formerly Mag. Sadegh Eslami Andrea)

Margaretenguertel 24-34/1/3

1050 Vienna


Head of Court Mag. Schmidt, Ulrike

District Court Innere Stadt, Marxergasse 1a, 1010 Vienna              


Appeal Court for Civil Cases, Vienna

Schmerlingplatz 10-11, 1010 Vienna                                                                                   Vienna, 02.09.2019



Appeal to 32 Nc61/19i



Riegler Andrea, formerly Sadegh Eslami (*20.11.1971), hereinafter referred to as the appellant,


appeals against the order of the head of the court, Mag. Schmidt, Ulrike


within the 14-day deadline for reply.


Furthermore, Riegler Andrea reserves the right to take further steps out of all legal possibilities.








Since 2011ff, the appellant has urgently requested that her now 10-year-old son, Sadegh Dara Rubens (20.02.2009), be thoroughly examined via MRI/CT/nuclear-medical scans on the basis of serious suspicions that her son has been subjected to – ongoing – torture since at least 2011.


The reports of Dara Rubens Sadegh – which were sent in writing to the District Court of BG Hernals/Vienna, Judge MMag. Konrad Kubiczek and also the public prosecutor’s office of Vienna, prosecution officer Mag. Petra Freh, and also the police department of Wattgasse/Vienna, Manfred Miksits, and others – contained reports of the then 2 ½-year-old toddler ranging from physical violence and rapes to ritual violence and waterboarding. In detail, these involved: rapes (oral and anal), the hunting of the child, use of drugs, use of medical torture (experiments with light, loud noises, destruction of the inner genitals, drilling/piercing the tooth root), ridicule & mockery (being laughed at during the torture), being buried alive, being subjected to waterboarding, spinning, heat and cold (e.g. forced to wear a ski suit in summer), working as a child prostitute (ballet dress, swimming trunks, makeup, high-heeled shoes, customers, money), being conditioned using torture (the child repeatedly hits himself on the head with one hand, while pulling his hair with the other and practices “looking happy” and “laughing” by saying “ha ha”, while his carotid artery is visible over his entire neck as he tries to grin), sudden changes of personality, vows, pledges, oaths (satanic components) and near-death experiences: in sum, the then 2 ½-year-old victim reported physical, psychic, spiritual and mental abuse. Subsequently, even after the Austrian government took custody of the child, there were further signs of torture on him after 2012, as well as sensory deprivation programming in 2015, all of which became unmistakably evident during the supervised visits of the mother, Andrea Sadegh, to her son, and were brought to court even then – without success. This kind of torture is known in the specialist literature as “ritual abuse” and also as “trauma-based mind control” or “MK-Ultra”. This crime, which, due to the horrendous lifelong injuries of the children, can only be carried out under state protection, is defined by one expert as follows: “Ritual abuse can be defined as a wide variety of very different crimes, whose common denominator ultimately simply consists of extreme sadism, together with a certain continuity and systematic methods.” Noblitt & Perskin, quoting Hans Ulrich Gresch.“ (quotation from – „Sadegh Case Cover Up“)


[1] This continuity and systematic approach – as outlined by the psychologist Dr. Hans Ulrich Gresch and compared with his book “Invisible Chains”, which was repeatedly sent to the courts and the authorities – is escalating MK Ultra into the systematic torture-based training of future executives who are prepared for their respective jobs during their entire “childhood”. Regarding the activity profile of these MK Ultra concerned (MK-ed ones), the reading of “Svali” is recommended. Svali, the writer of several articles and books is a double academic who was active as a trauma trainer, officially as a teacher, in just such criminal networks (compare, among other things, link on, and also her far-reaching assistance on Thus, not surprisingly, one finds world-wide in politics, media, management, authorities, so also in courts and public prosecutor’s offices and secret services an extremely high density of MK-ed ones.


⇒ Due to the special history of Austria – since the Habsburg Monarchy the country was used as the military arm of the Jesuits, alongside countless Masonic lodges (O.T.O. was founded in Vienna, among other happenings) – Austria has been a stronghold of this crime, most lately since the transfer of the SS Medical Academy from Berlin to Graz in 1941. This academy has, of course, never been closed, and therefore Austria enjoys international prestige in secret service circles (…). Austrian sportsmen, politicians, transgender programmed, university professors, priests especially out of the Catholic churches, etc. – there is not one area in which MK Ultra is not applied.[2]


Back to the Sadegh case:

The young Sadegh Dara Rubens identified and named 72+ perpetrators between 2011 and 2012[3], yet the appellant’s intensive research on the perpetrator networks led not only to a “child removal” without a court order on 13 February 2012, but also to an “entanglement delirium” of the Austrian judiciary and school medicine/health care system[4]. These actions were patronized above all by the Austrian secret services[5], while the appellant was repeatedly assassinated in a manner which threatened her life, both at home and abroad. These assassinations are ongoing.


In 2011/12, entanglements (between perpetrator networks and Austrian authorities) were already apparent. See which details how the identified perpetrators act and operate within the Austrian authority and judiciary systems (collected until 2015 and enclosed). All cases have been fully reported to the authorities, so far without any result: this form of negligence and complicity is described as common practice in MK ultra cases in international literature.


The appellant had returned from Norway in early December 2018, and at the beginning of January 2019 pictorial material of her now 10-year-old son was sent to her. Officially this was a letter from the child to his mother in which he wished her a Merry Christmas in January 2019 and further commented that he would be fine with “Grandma and Grandpa” (Bretterklieber), while the attached picture showed the not even 10-year-old child with all of his adult teeth missing. [6]/[7]


In this letter he also refers to his subsequently deleted YouTube channel[8], which contained videos from Autumn 2018 in which the child, visibly suffering massive pain and shock after torture because of his teeth, is not able to speak age-appropriately, instead using a “German” High German. This use of dialect suggests his programmers are from Germany, since it can be absolutely excluded that foster parents or even teachers speak a “German” High German in Hausmannstätten near Graz; even the appellant is only able to speak “Austrian” High German even though she is a Germanist and a literary scholar. The completely deleted YouTube channel of the child can be presented to the court as evidence.


A few days before receiving this letter, the applicant’s repeated research had revealed further close connections between perpetrator groups and the Austrian judiciary. As all of this occurred,  further assassination attempts were made against the applicant, a scientist and activist against extreme abuse and torture on toddlers and children worldwide, who has successfully run the network against torture on toddlers and children for years,






Judge Dr. Gottwald Heidemarie, LL.M. took over the file (7P25/13y) of the “erroneous” expert lunacy report written by Dr. Zeitler Michaela in 2013. This expert administration came about suggestively in 2013, in that the Austrian courts never investigated the child Sadegh, Dara Rubens, and with no genuine evidence concluded that “the child had nothing, it was a well-supported, intelligent child”, and that the scientist and mother of the child, must be “mentally ill”. The child was never examined via MRI/CT/nuclear medicine or psychiatrically, and the countless applications for evidence by the scientist and mother of the child, here the appellant, Riegler Andrea, were ignored every time. The application for the first assessment came from the Civil Rights Court ZRS Vienna under the judge, Konstanze Thau, who is married to the psychiatrist, Prof. Dr. Kenneth Thau: both also are offering psychologically motivated classes in their spare time and have been mentioned several times by protecting parents as “assessment administrator stimulators” – meaning as soon as a protective parent reports to courts and/or police regarding their tortured children, judge Konstanze Thau recommends an “assessment” of the protective parent:


⇒ Here it is now indispensable to know that in crimes such as MK Ultra, medical doctors, especially psychiatrists, are always the main perpetrators. Without their professional expertise no torture-based programming, as it is called in specialist jargon, is possible. In the English-speaking world there are several psychiatrists and psychologists who express their professional opinions on these practices, warning the population and governments worldwide against them. (compare above all the psychiatrist Dr. Colin A. med. Ross, who, in addition to extensively published specialist literature, has also founded his own institute on this subject, see


⇒ Contrary to habits of the USA, it should also be noted that in Austria the MK Ultra agendas are less in the hands of the military and the secret services, but directly in the hands of the Austrian medical profession and judiciary. This is to be attributed to the presence of the SS Medical Academy in Graz, as well to Dr. Sigmund Freud, one of the first known MK Ultra doctors here in Austria. The unlimited power of these two professional groups became visible in the Nuremberg war crimes trials, where practically not a single conviction of the medical profession was pronounced and not a single judge was convicted.


In the Sadegh case the suggestive circumstance has now come to light that the mentioned psychiatrist, Dr. Kenneth Thau, is even being promoted by Dr. Lansky Gabriel’s law firm. In the Sadegh case this law firm represents “Jewish” perpetrators, and is also known as the law firm of the deep state with close contacts to Mossad/CIA. Out of the 72 perpetrators identified by Sadegh Dara Rubens, 6 perpetrators are “Jewish” and this law firm represents 4 officially. Six such perpetrators are: Mag. Mitteräcker Alexander (son of the Mossad/CIA secret service agent Oscar Bronner, who is one of the best friends of former Federal President Dr. Fischer Heinz); Prof. Dr. med. Tepper Gabor; Prof. Dr. med. Scheer, Peter; and Prof. Dr. med. Dunitz-Scheer, Marguerite; as well as Mag. Scholz-Lauppert Kathrin and her husband, Mag. Lauppert Egon: the latter four suing the applicant under the patronage of and with the official Jewish Congregation of Austria.


⇒ For a better understanding it has to be pointed out again that in MK Ultra the respective secret services stick together on a supranational level and execute orders from the supranational secret service. In 2011, the child Sadegh Dara Rubens already reported that officially “Jewish” perpetrators have committed torture on him hand in hand, i.e. together with National Socialist perpetrators – such as the Kutschera Institute, which has ample contacts with American secret services[9]. In her two books “The Enslaved Queen” and “White Witch in a Black Robe”, Wendy Hoffman, a Jewish therapist and MK Ultra survivor, also describes that, growing up as a Jewish child of a Jewish lawyer in New York/USA, she had already been sold by her father to Dr. Josef Mengele (the infamous concentration camp physician) in the early 1940s as a small child (long before the war ended). The technical jargon speaks of a cooperation between Nazi/CIA and Mossad/CIA, clarifying the cooperation of supranational secret services, since at present the strings always run together at the CIA. Others subsume this organization as “Illuminati”.


⇒ Besides the horrendous child abuse of the Catholic Church and the bestial human experiments of the Nazis, it has become internationally known especially in the last months that it is “trendy ” among rich Israelis at present to book “torture vacations”, partly because of their own “MK Ultra revenge programming” (see “Nakam”), and partly in order to keep up with the “social developments” of a perverted “elite”, as is standard practice worldwide. In 2011, the child Sadegh Dara Rubens already showed signs of having been tortured in a (former) concentration camp; naturally conclusions are drawn about the lively interest of the Viennese Jewish religious congregation in taking part as a joint plaintiff in the Sadegh case merely because they are named on the website According to international experts, these toddlers and child torture packages are booked and paid for on a flat-rate basis, and impunity is always guaranteed in the respective country. Hundreds of Jewish whistleblowers are currently desperately trying to draw attention to the MK Ultra programming that is widespread in Judaism worldwide and Jewish victims are regarded as enormously important witnesses, worldwide, who even had their own publishing house – the Karnac Publishing House in London – as their mouthpiece until the sale of this very publishing house in 2017. 


Back to the Sadegh case:

After the government-organized child abduction in 2012 on the grounds of an alleged “danger in progress”, (initiated without the presence of a doctor or judge by employees of the Youth Welfare Office Graz as well as the non-medical staff of the University Clinic Graz), the applicant was not only stalked by secret services, but also psychiatrically examined only months later by Dr. Lenzinger, Elisabeth, who was sent from court to check the mental state as well the parenting abilities of the mother, without having seen the applicant together with her beloved son. At the same time, the husband of the certified sworn expert was affected by a repeated company bankruptcy, but more importantly, is precisely this certified sworn expert, Dr. Lenzinger Elisabeth personally known to the perpetrator circles in the Sadegh case and was repeatedly brought to court by Andrea Riegler. Dr. Lenzinger’s expert opinion[10] was submitted to American professors in 2015 and could not even be ” nullified ” due to the massively poor quality of the expert opinion, since the horrendous quality of the expert opinion would speak for itself, as already brought to court by the applicant in 2012, since the expert opinion is more reminiscent of a creative collage than of an expert opinion.[11]


In 2013 it was proven that Dr. Zeitler Michaela, BG Innere Stadt, had falsified court records. Prof. Dr. Pakesch, Georg[12], a psychiatric expert of the Republic of Austria who is himself affected by MK Ultra, was “sexually” aroused during the descriptions of the torture injuries of the child Sadegh Dara Rubens in conversation with the child’s mother, a scientist and the applicant for this appeal, while he greedily sucked up all the details about the suffering of the 2 1/2 year old toddler. All courts and “experts” have – repeatedly – “accidentally” failed to verify the assumption that the child’s scientist mother was mentally ill by finally conducting a comprehensive examination of the applicant’s son in conventional medicine, as well as a police confrontation with the identified and named perpetrators.


While the child’s mother and scientist, Mag. Riegler Andrea – who not only has a profound education as a text scientist (master’s degree in Comparative Literature, German Studies), but also as an academically certified market and opinion researcher, trainer, coach as well as a life and social counsellor – continued to hand in complaints with descriptions of severe torture committed on the child in governmental care after the boy was taken, as well as about murder attempts, (partly with handing in the names to courts when the secret service officials were recognized and literally every petition for evidence “stimulated” a new administration of expert opinions or the new evidence got lost or ignored, like in the case of the infamous administrator Dr. Weiser Martin, who is known in witness circles for acting as treasurer of the Grand Lodge and who is deeply involved in the paedo-criminal networks within the Republic of Austria). The fact that the applicant seamlessly resumed her job as a trainer in adult education – for the Austrian Ministry of Labor – immediately after the child was taken until the end of 2014 is particularly notable: if the applicant had been so severely mentally ill as described by psychiatric sworn experts, she would not have been able to lead groups with complex backgrounds or to coach them, just as she would not be able to live and work in foreign countries (London/UK, Asia, Norway, etc.).


In a letter to the appellant in 2015/2016, the head of the court, Mag. Schmidt Ulrike, described the inspection administration carried out in 2013 as an “error”, without, however, ever having had the child Sadegh Dara Rubens examined by means of MRT/CT/nuclear medicine.


In her order of 20.08.2019, (delivered on 21.08.2019), the head of court, Mag. Schmidt Ulrike, also tries to portray the torture of the child Sadegh Dara Rubens and the simultaneous destruction of the existence of the appellant, (scientist and crown witness, Mag. Riegler Andrea, via the stigmatization as “mentally ill”) as two completely independent proceedings which would have nothing to do with each other.[13]:


Mag. Schmidt Ulrike insinuates in her decision that an inspection administration and an application for custody at the Graz Ost District Court would be two completely different things, which would have to be legally examined independently of each other. Here the question arises: which court would assign the custody of a complexly tortured (small) child to a person under guardianship and shows the repeated – open – bias of the head of the court, Mag. Schmidt Ulrike. At minimum this magistrate is only concerned with avoiding private liability and compensation payments for the legal procedure since 2013ff in the Sadegh case.



Back to the beginning of the current “procedure”:

As of February 2019, Dr. Gottwald, Heidemarie LL.M suggested a new inspection administration of the scientist and appellant, Mag. Riegler Andrea, without informing her. Only a representation network for adults (Erwachsenenvertretung Wien 4) was allegedly contacted by the district court BG Innere Stadt to perform a “clearing” as well was ordered to make a “house visit” [!] – without having submitted a court order, neither to the mentioned network, nor to the applicant for appeal, Mag. Riegler Andrea. The social worker of this network for adults, Franz Pöschl, did not even make a danger report in 2013 regarding the tortured child Sadegh Dara Rubens – with horrendous consequences so far and was sent out again:


Despite repeated inquiries by the appellant, no ruling has been received to date. Also, the representation network – again social worker Franz Pöschl, (who has admitted via e-mail, i.e. in writing, that he was coerced by the district court BG Innere Stadt to carry out a clearing, and even to perform a house visit), was unable to present a court order.[14]


Previously, in January 2019, the appellant Mag. Riegler Andrea urgently asked the Graz Ost District Court for an investigation of the child Sadegh Dara Rubens. She also repeatedly applied for custody, as well as for a family DNA test, and apparently this court repeatedly did not take action due to the new “lunacy expert investigation” of the BG Innere Stadt District Court, which shows how much the courts here simply cooperate without keeping the welfare of the child in mind in any way – here of Sadegh Dara Rubens.



To be able to understand the procedure here, it is unfortunately necessary to point out that these networks operate within the states worldwide via ” fragmentation “, so not only the psyche of the affected toddlers and children is fragmented, but also the petitions for evidence and court proceedings. The Sadegh case is now in the following courts:

District Court BG Hernals

Prosecution Office Vienna (8+ record numbers)

District Court Vienna BG Innere Stadt (6+ record numbers)

District Court BG Graz Ost

Administrative Court Styria Steiermark

Higher Administrative Court Vienna Wien

Constitutional court Wien

Prosecution Office Graz (8+ record numbers)

Supreme Court

Human Rights Court Strasburg

Commission of torture of United Nations

Youth Welfare department Graz

Youth Welfare department Wien

Police inspectorate Vienna Wattgasse

Police inspectorates in whole Austria

Administrative Court of the Canton of Basel/Switzerland

Civil Rights Courts Vienna ZRS Wien

Civil Rights Courts ZRS Graz

District administration Styria (Graz)

Austrian Medical Council

Austrian Chamber of Lawyers

Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office

Tax office Vienna

Representation Network Adult Representation Vienna 4

In addition to numerous child “protection” centers.



More than 40 government and court employees, i.e. judges and public prosecutors, have been “occupied” with the Sadegh case since 2011ff, while the child, Sadegh Dara Rubens – who is at the center and has always been – is subjected to further ritual torture as well as to MK Ultra. To this date, the child has never been examined by means of a profound classic medical clarification via MRT/CT/nuclear medicine.


This procedure, (which resembles an unparalleled spectacle of justice in Austria, and has already caused and continues to cause international attention as a “major international case” in the opinion of international experts), also has a deeper background: the strategic entanglement as already communicated to the courts since 2011ff. Highly educated Austrian judges and medical doctors are not stupid – the case serves to ongoingly entangle judges and authority officials, as well youth welfare employees, police officers to pre-school teachers and schools, further medical doctors, etc.[15]


Years of research and discussions with experts have clearly revealed that in the Sadegh case everything had been planned for decades, which also explains the high proportion of perpetrators from former friends and acquaintances of the appellant, Mag. Riegler Andrea. These perpetrators had already been recognized and named by the child Sadegh Dara Rubens after being tortured by them in 2011.


Riegler Andrea is a former MK Ultra victim, who has been used for years – like most of the victims, without knowing it – for top-class secret service operations without payment and without consent, here mainly by the Austrian secret services. Afterwards, she was used for the creation of an international case of strategic entanglement on the back of the beloved child: she had a childhood in the MK Ultra program, years of training, especially academic (MK Ultra “Thule programming” as well as “Wewelsburg programming”), to then be involuntarily inseminated with the semen from an unknown person[16] by an intelligence agent who pretended to be a loving partner, Sadegh-Eslami Farrokh. Subsequently the beloved child of the applicant – as usual – was kidnapped and transferred as “secret service property” for MK Ultra, which includes torture and years of drill. Multiple applications for paternity tests have already been ignored in the judge’s office of MMag Konrad Kubiczek of BG Hernals, who himself is deeply involved in the Sadegh case. The question arises as to why this very judge, who presented himself as the “father” towards the child in 2011, has strictly refused this paternity test, and since then no other court has wanted to carry out this paternity test.


⇒ It is important to remember here that these children are filmed during torture and during these “sadistic” rituals, as are the participants, meaning the perpetrators.


⇒ It is known from specialist literature that during torture rituals the “real” biological fathers present themselves to the children as their “fathers”, telling the children the truth about the “real biological genetic” paternity, which leads to a horrendous confusion of the little ones (…).


⇒ It is well known in the specialist literature that politicians, as well as the leaders of corporations, the media, etc., have to take part in these torture rituals on toddlers and children before they receive these positions and jobs in order to be in the hands of the actual rulers, often called “shadow government” or “deep state”. (Compare Epstein case, the case of Ronald Bernard, etc.). From these actual cases it is also known that in the upper ranks, children must be fathered as a kind of demonstration of courage and power in order to be accepted into the 33+ degrees.


⇒ It is also necessary to keep MK Ultra victims with perpetrator programming in the respective programming again and again – via further crimes – because otherwise they could find healing. For this, MK Ultra “victims” are needed, who have to be tortured, stalked and in any case kept existentially low by perpetrators as well as by their offspring for the rest of their lives, and also explains the usual manhunts. It is therefore not surprising that the child Sadegh Dara Rubens also reported on manhunts against him in 2011, as well as on the fact that even toddlers and children known to him personally were present at the torture acts and must have made him “ouch” (see charges against Riegler Sebastian, Angelo Sarah, as well as against the children of Gudrun Hohenberger Zwettler). Subsequently, the children of the perpetrators as adults are responsible for ensuring that the victims remain silent forever.


⇒ Many Austrian politicians, judges and public prosecutors are affected by this form of violence, as are their international colleagues. The bestial cruelty with which the Austrian judiciary has left the child Sadegh Dara Rubens to himself and to his torturers since his infancy, bears witness to the state of MK -ed ones within the Austrian judiciary: Judges and Prosecution officers under MK Ultra either cannot look into the case, because the child’s suffering unconsciously reminds them of their own suffering, or do not want to look, because they have been programmed to be perpetrators. The most suggestive examples – which are also easy for laymen to see – are the former chancellor Kurz Sebastian and the chancellor of the Transitional Government, Judge Dr. Bierlein Brigitte, in addition to the export hit Schwarzenegger Arnold, who is also involved in Austrian child trafficking rings, as well as the former Foreign Minister and former operator of a whistleblower platform, Dr. Kneissl Karin, who made international headlines with her kneeling in front of Vladimir Putin and doing the Illuminati greeting hand sign during her wedding celebration.




In Austria there is a nest of MK Ultra due to the National Socialist home base, as well as the Jesuit military base. There is no other country of the world where the density of people affected by MK Ultra so high, especially among officials – as numerous witness statements historically prove.


 In no other country in the world do psychiatrists have such access and influence on the lives and thinking of ordinary citizens, which has led to more and more corruption, open torture of small children (compare, alongside the Sadegh case, the hush money affair of the “Weisser Ring” and the “SPÖ” (Austrian Socialist Party) with more than 2.000 infants affected by torture in 2013/2014) and most recently to the dissolution of the Austrian government – see “Ibiza affair”. This country is therefore extremely attractive for international secret services which, as briefly explained, cooperate on a supranational level – in the Sadegh case above all visible as Nazi/CIA and Mossad/CIA, as well as for “child porn torture tourism”.


The applicant is aware that she will not be able to stop these networks on her own and will therefore continue – until her beloved son is back with her – to devote herself exclusively to educational work and assistance in terms of healing and relief.


Nonetheless, torture and slavery are extremely serious crimes that are not subject to a statute of limitations and the applicant repeatedly reminds here that she reserves the right to sue for damages and reparations – also in the name of her son: Lifelong torture, lifelong exploitation and “manhunts” by secret services or special units of secret services, sabotage of de facto all professional careers, destruction of property, health, insemination with the semen of an unknown person (applications for evidence on the “biological” father can be submitted in particular, also with names) during upright marriage/partnership with a secret service employee, Abduction and destruction of the child for MK Ultra, years of torture, escape, neurological damage by laser weapons and microwave weapons, poisoning, in addition to mental erosion via techniques of “operative psychology”, known primarily under “Zersetzung”, as well as ongoing use for secret service operations without payment and without consent, et al.


Here again the written statement of the head of the court, Mag. Ulrike Schmidt, should be remembered, pretending in her ruling of 20.08.2019 not to be able to “remember” the Sadegh case including the international wave of protests in the year 2015. This behavior is more than questionable within the Austrian judiciary, especially head of the courts, like Mag. Schmidt Ulrike is responsible for the Austrian judiciary system, that almost breaks apart due to overload[17]: A complete investigation of the child via MRI/CT/nuclear medicine, including a police parade with the 72+ named and known perpetrators, would have solved the case completely as early as 2011ff. Without detailed examinations of the child Sadegh Dara Rubens, the courts have been turning in circles for years now – at the taxpayers’ expense – and allowing the further destruction of the child (compare the missing adult teeth of the child not even 10 years old) as well as the destruction of the child’s mother and scientist, Mag. Riegler Andrea, who is currently (?) in early retirement for health reasons.


More importantly, however, the appellant would like to explicitly point out that every individual who has received torture-based MK Ultra programming has life-long scars – here especially coccyx/pelvis, brain stem, teeth/tooth root canal/palate, eyes, ears, soles of the feet, inner genitals, (missing) glands – which can be proven life-long by MRI/CT/nuclear medical examinations. Therefore, the scientific statements of the appellant, scientist and mother of the child, Mag. Riegler Andrea, are entirely provable.


As mentioned at the beginning, all of these circumstances and connections are completely unknown to the judge Dr. Gottwald, Heidemarie LL.M. – officially – this same judge has also failed to deliver and justify decisions, and neglects to familiarize herself with the case in any form when she pretends not to even know the sex of the concerned child, Dara Rubens Sadegh, whom she (for safety’s sake officially) describes as a girl in the court files,


and therefore, the appellant, Mag. Riegler Andrea, repeatedly requests to change this judge, as Dr. Gottwald Heidemarie LL.M is not prepared for the Sadegh case.


Furthermore, Riegler Andrea reserves the right to take further steps out of all legal possibilities and sees this appeal as a gentle and cautious overview of the actual dimension, which might be difficult to understand without experts on MK Ultra and experts on secret service operations.


The appellant also points out that this letter will be published on the network site, also in English translation, also with picture material of the responsible officials and judges, etc. in order to give also further concerned children – also the children of perpetrators – as adults the chance to stop these crimes – by (self-) complaints.



Mag. Riegler Andrea





Chronologie einer Vertuschung – – (2011-2015)


List of names of perpetrators named and recognized by MJ Dara Sadegh (2011/2012) – – – –


Photo of the 10-year-old MJ Sadegh Dara Rubens from January 2019, which shows him without his adult teeth (see below)



Instead of more enclosures:

Due to secret service stalking, several original documents were published on (“Sadegh Case”), further enclosures, applications for evidence, evidence can be submitted in full.


Correspondence with the Adult Representation Network mentioned above can, of course, be submitted as well


Medical certificates for 3 assassinations as well as the corresponding complaints, which have been submitted to the public prosecutor’s office in Vienna, can be submitted subsequently.


Further specialist literature can be consulted at – chapter “Sources”, here primarily “Primary sources” and “Secondary sources” and outlines a fraction of the currently available specialist literature on the subject – enclosed is a modest excerpt from the now far more extensive sources:


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[1] Furthermore, italicized contents of this appeal are used to sketch at least brief excerpts from international specialist literature.


[2] Compare MK-ed psychologist Barnett, Fiona in her book “Eyes Wide Open” (free download available online)


[3] See list of names of perpetrators as short handout (from 2012)


[4] Compare “Chronologie einer Vertuschung” (2011-2015)


[5] Secret Service officials from Austria, here mostly Mag. Klocker Walter and „Hannes Biegl “, as well numerous intel officials of international agencies are known to the appellant by name and can get examined anytime.


[6] “Grandma and Grandpa” Bretterklieber are Walter and Marianne Bretterklieber, both participated in the torture of the toddler Sadegh Dara Rubens in 2011 and were reported as perpetrators at the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office in 2011, together with other official family members such as Ing. (HTL) Riegler Helmut Valentin and Riegler Nicole as well their small son Riegler Sebastian. Since January 2019, an application for a review of the actual family circumstances concerning DNA-tests has been submitted to the Graz Ost District Court, as Marianne Bretterklieber (previously Riegler, official birth name Karrer) is not the biological mother of Riegler Andrea. Marianne Bretterklieber, together with her brother Karrer Hans, obviously originates from a post-war Nazi LEBENSBORN institution, with extreme similarity to Jutta Horn (the later wife of the National Socialist Chief of Miracle Weapons, Hans Kammler, née 1901 in Stettin/Germany, now Poland) as, now as far as her brother Hans Karrer is concerned, with Otto Skorzeny (born 1908 in Vienna). Both siblings are thus of unclear – National Socialist – origin, both deeply involved in child trafficking rings including torture/drill and keeping (small) children ready for child trafficking networks. All that is known about Bretterklieber Marianne’s second husband, Bretterklieber Walter, is that he had to grow up without his mother, abandoned by his father, which led to massive disturbances and to an extreme proclivity for using violence against his entire family. As this violence was last known to Sadegh Dara Rubens, it can be assumed that there will be further victims.


[7] Teeth, tooth root, gums stand for the warning to remain silent in these satanic ritual perpetrator networks, as well as in MK Ultra networks. The child Sadegh Dara Rubens was obviously “punished” here for naming perpetrators – in specialist literature, children who name perpetrators and networks of perpetrators are called “martyr children” because they are severely punished for failing to obey the order of silence. It is known that such torture scenes are recorded on video and are presented to others for intimidation, and these “punishments” go as far as further partial amputations of the victims’ limbs, which slowly and painfully lead to death. (compare e.g. SNUFF films). Further mutilations of the child Sadegh Dara Rubens are to be foreseen, therefore as of 2011ff danger has been imminent, as the beloved child could be murdered, or triggered to commit suicide, in order to cover traces of the partly top-class perpetrators.


[8] After a complaint to the district court BG Graz Ost, the youtube channel was deleted a few days later, but has been copied several times as evidence.


[9] The director of the Institute Kutschera, Dr. Kutschera Gundl, was recognized by American and German adults affected by MK Ultra and between the ages of 2 ½ (Sadegh Dara Rubens) and 70 as an “MK Ultra trainer” – perpetrator. The connections of this family clan are extensive, primarily due to the project “Paperclip”, in which former high-ranking National Socialists were able to emigrate to America via the “rat line” after the war, to pursue their criminal – above all, corrosive – operations without interruption. Dr. Kutschera Gundl is also in contact with private American “mercenary companies” and there is an international exchange in the matter of “super soldiers”, as “fully programmed MK Ultra slaves” are referred to as adults. All her three now grown up children are under total MK Ultra programming, as perpetrators.


[10] Here it is necessary to state shortly, that psychiatrist Elisabeth Lenzinger is without any doubt highly intelligent. To create the psychiatrically expert opinion in such a horrible quality, shows the Austrian strategy of pretending to be „stupid“- and this strategy of „pretending to be stupid“ is ongoingly staged by Austrian´s courts as well by the district court BG Innere Stadt.


[11] For English readers only: Dr. Elisabeth Lenzinger declared Mag. Riegler Andrea as completely lunatic paranoid schizophrenic, ignoring all the evidence the appellant was providing already since 2011ff, ignoring that the appellant was working as a social counselor for the ministry of labor even after the child was “taken”.


[12] A complaint against this severely MK-ed psychiatrist, Georg Pakesch, which followed a suggestion to have his children examined over MRT/CT/nuclear medical examination as they are surely victims as well, was answered with a murder assassination in March 2016, after which the appellant had to leave Austria for several months, actually lost her whole existence, besides massive health problems.


[13] The head of the court, who has been aware of the Sadegh case most lately since the protests received worldwide in 2015, indirectly tries to ridicule the position of the appellant as a scientist and crown witness. This behavior even more pointedly raises the question of what is going on with the district court BG Innere Stadt, especially considering that even judge candidates working in this court report severe ill-treatment during their training period after years of study, etc. 


[14] Thus, while from the postman to the neighbors all are noticing the employees of the authorities who knock at the door, complaints against stalking and microwave radiation in the apartment 1050 Vienna, Margaretengürtel 24-34, as well as assassinations via life-threatening laser attacks on the brain (even if the perpetrators are named) are ignored by the Austrian judiciary, while intelligence service employees are even witnessed by guileless residents in the settlement.


[15] In the primary school attended by the child Sadegh Dara Rubens in Hausmannstätten near Graz, a classic MK Ultra school, several children were suffering from (satanic/sadistic) ritual abuse and MK Ultra. The teacher of the child Sadegh Dara Rubens’s class, Mrs. Jutta Matzi, seemed to be handling several MK Ultra children by means of triggers and technical equipment, for further programming on official trips, etc. More details cannot be determined with certainty despite extensive photo and video material, and need a check of police units. The pediatrician of the child Sadegh Dara Rubens, lecturer. Dr. Zotter Heinz from Graz, is closely acquainted with the perpetrator circles: at least, with Dr. Kutschera Jörg (the son of Dr. Kutschera Gundl), whom he recommended as a substitute physician on his pediatrician’s website in 2018/2019. More important, Dr. Zotter Heinz is working as a sleep researcher at the university clinic in Graz, which means he is a MK Ultra programmer with the special field of “psychic driving”, a programming method popular and appreciated in Austria: The concerned children are kept in a kind of deep sleep for days, drugs are sometimes administered, while – depending on the programming of the personality parts – affirmations, etc. are played into their subconscious minds.


[16] Here it is important to note in the footnote that intelligent women who are or have been in an MK Ultra program are extremely often – mostly almost always – used as breeders (in German: clumsy to translate as “broodmare”): In addition to pregnancies in their childhood, usually from the age of 8 onwards, the “6-week pregnancies” are also known. The applicant was also used for similar breeding projects; this will be the subject of a separate complaint.


[17] Adding to the English version here: In Austria authority officials stress in public main stream media for years, that the courts are overloaded and cannot work efficiently any more. [!]




Not even 10-year-old beloved Luki Dara Sadegh before and after teeth torture, causing besides other mutilations out of 2011ff now also the loss of – all – his adult teeth (2018/2019):



Luki Dara Sadegh in 2017/2018 with his adult teeth – now in 2018/2019 without teeth, only with a temporary crown on the stumps of his tooth:




Names of perpetrators brought to court since 2011ff:


Investigation about the connection between the recognized perpetrators, politicians, authority officials, and judges:


Update with pictures and biographies asap.

meditation for all toddlers and children in the 3rd REICH – 22.05.2019

[May 22, 2019 – meditation for all toddlers and children in the 3rd REICH]


A short summary in terms of (un)known history: Babies, toddlers, and children in the 3th REICH


Doing research over years – if not decades – on this topic, I found out (as far as possible), that we are told on children at least 2 big lies: On one hand the experimentation on Jewish toddlers and children were seemingly much worse than we are able to imagine – on the other hand, the total silence about the hundreds of thousands MK ultra programmed German toddlers and children, living in average families in the 3rd REICH and its occupied countries. […] Without truth, there is no healing, so no wonder that there is still an invisible (programmed) war between at least these two groups, being directed by the same masters on the top into hatred, destruction, and anger for decades now.


What groups of babies, toddlers and children were there in the 3rd REICH?


Group1: T4 – starting with 1933 babies, toddlers and children were fetched out of their families, partly they had some disabilities, but as nowadays they were taken away from their parents because of many reasons (political opponents, need of “material” for plain horrific research). Often the children of this group were completely healthy, and – just for crying for their beloved parents – declared severely insane/mentally ill. Officially all were insane and “had to get killed”- see “life unworthy of life” (“lebensunwertes Leben”). They were killed indeed, but before horrendous horrific research was done on them. (see and


Group2: Jewish children. Also beginning with 1933 many Jews were leaving the German-speaking countries, bringing them into situations where – for sure – many Jewish children had to suffer from various reasons. Also known is that many children were transported to the UK without their parents (“Liverpool Station, London” – “children trains” – see – unknown is that many of them got MK ultra by the British government during their stay in England. Also known is that many of the Jewish families went to Israel/Haifa, where “Nakam” (see was located nearby. Many Jewish children underwent MK ultra there (see Most commonly known is nevertheless the huge group in the concentration camps, where open horrific research was done on them. (see have been survivors speaking out about this, but many sources claim that the experimentations were even too much for the Nazi doctors, so they tried to get rid of all the evidence (see Dr. Vladimir Terziski Besides breeding experiments, experimentation on souls, most probably time travel experiments we do not know much about the happenings there, so we just can guess, as every information seems to be censored at the moment.


Group3: Also, other children were of interest of the brutally researching Nazi doctors in the concentration camps: Here mostly known are the toddlers and children out of Gypsy families as well those of small stature. (see:


Group4: The most forgotten group is – in my opinion – the hugest: Average German children and “germanised” children in the occupied countries, who underwent plain mk ultra and SRA, to create the Aryan master race, the superhuman being. All we know are Adolf Hitler´s intentions for “his” youth: “”A violent, bossy, fearless, cruel youth I want. They must endure pain. There must be nothing weak and tender about them … Strong and beautiful I want my youth. So, I can create the new. I do not want intellectual education. With knowledge, I spoil my youth. I would prefer to let them learn only what they voluntarily pick up following their play instinct. But they must learn control. They must learn to defeat the fear of death in the most difficult situations.” (Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of the REICH – see We also know for sure, that the Nazi MK programs, never stopped in the German-speaking countries: Programmers at least came back for having holidays with their families, ongoing torture-based programming their “superhuman being” (…).


Group5: All the occupied countries – – – Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, France, (Austria), Belgium, Greece, Finland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Luxembourg, parts of Russia (Galicia), Liechtenstein, Ukraine, North Africa, Portugal, Spain, Monaco – partly together with Italy – – – were targeting babies, toddlers and children – we know, that where the Nazi doctors were located during WW2, we do have ongoing MK hotspots even nowadays (“follow the traces of the Nazi doctors”). (see for example: or to give at least 2 examples – there were many more physicians involved).


Group6: About 250,000 German children were sent via trains to Denmark at the end of WW2 – instead of helping these toddlers and children, they were used as a kind of patsy, were abused as well as killed by Danish authorities. (see


Group7: Norwegian women with their babies, toddlers, and children fathered by German soldiers were thrown out of Norway after WW2, meaning they lost even their nationality. No one knows much about these babies, toddlers, and children sent into a – for them – foreign past WW2 Germany (see


Group8: Similar to Norway, we do have human hunts towards women (and their babies, toddlers, and children) who had German soldiers as partners, husbands or even as fathers of their children. A less painful reflection of these happenings is Giuseppe Tornatore´s “Malèna” (Other sources see: and


A short summary of the unwritten history:

All those open horrible experiments and killing (euthanasia) of these babies, toddlers, and children in the 3rd REICH, were seemingly a façade to hide even more brutal experiments and suffering of these small ones.



Considering the possibility of time travel, of age regression, of hybrid(breeding)experimentation, transhumanism and changes in epigenetics we are going to do the meditation for all the toddlers and children of the 3rd Reich no matter what religious beliefs their parents were having, no matter which ideologies were present in their former homes – to give them back the sovereignty of their souls as well their freedom, as much as possible.



22.05.2019: 7pm PST in Las Vegas

22.05.2019: 10pm EST in New York

23.05.2019: 3am in London

23.05.2019: 4am in Vienna, Berlin, Oslo, Paris

23.05.2019: 2pm in Wellington (NZ)




Source Picture: Jeroen Okkerse, “The boy in the striped Pyjamas”

4.05.2019 Round Table Reality Brief – Andrea Sadegh

Andrea Sadegh on Reality Brief trauma-based mind control – recorded on May 4th, broadcasted on May 8th, 2019 – full transcription


Dan&Don: Hi guys, Wednesday night, I am Dan – I am Don – you are watching Reality Brief. We got a special guest tonight – Andrea. How are you doing tonight, Andrea?


Andrea: I am fine so far, how are you?


Dan&Don: Great. So, you talk to us from Austria, right?


Andrea: Yes, Austria, Vienna.


Dan&amp;Don: Your specialty I guess you can call it would be trauma-based mind control – your website is on the screen <a href=””></a>


Andrea: Yes, I am specialised on the symptoms of the small and smallest ones, when all this mind fracture and basic programming is starting.


Dan&amp;Don: So, how did you get into this? Like, what was your circumstances finding out about all this stuff?


Andrea: Well, I came into this topic over my son, when he was 2 1/2 years old. He, after actually not even half a year with visits at his daddy (on his own) and – had quite all of sudden horrible flashbacks telling me the most crazy, horrendous things you have ever heard. And within the flashbacks there was no doubt that he had suffered something severely, so I was trying to puzzle out what might have happened without knowing anything about satanic ritual abuse or MK ultra and – I started to write down line by line what he told me also describing his language, his body language, what triggered him, and so on… and, sent it to courts, and always asking to have him examined in detail over MRT/CT. Courts refused (to have him examined in detail) and – Austrian government took him then away. Now I know – because he recognized 72+ perpetrators involved in his basic mind fracture and also as his programmers or mk ultra trainers and, afterwards, they claimed “no, the boy would be healthy and would have nothing”. So, the blame was put on me as a kind of patsy or scapegoat and after that, they presented me under supervised visits my highly traumatized son very openly so, he actually is officially in a MK ultra program. With no chance to get help for him, with no chance to get any examinations. This is the status quo now since 2011, so he is ongoing in a program for 7 years now.


Dan&amp;Don: That´s heart-breaking – that´s heart-breaking and frightening that they just can do this to people this network of abusers, nefarious bastards in position of power are able to exert this kind of influence over society as a whole


Andrea: Yes.


Dan&amp;Don: So, what type of things was he telling you at first when he was having these flashbacks?


Andrea: I mean it started when he had a flashback when looking in the mirror – this was very stunning – there I realized that he had experienced violence this was the starting, you know, and then all of a sudden he started – one example I always tell – because it is the most horrific and also the most embarrassing one, even to talk about it: he was tortured with a toilet brush. So, he took a toilet brush and all of a sudden he had the memory (trigger) “I know this, I know this toilet brush” and he was crying for hours, shouting, shivering, panicking but you know, there are different ways a child can cry, as a parent you see when it is panic, horrific… But one can also it on children from others – but back, so he was crying like crazy and first I thought, well, yes, they might have him beaten him with this, until I found out over hours or even weeks, that they used the handle of the toilet brush to penetrate him with that, to sodomize him with that. And, one hand – you know – you have your tortured child, so you have no doubt that his happened and on the other hand – just imagine – you as a parent, now have to go to police, to prosecution office and tell them, well, yes this happened.

Who should believe you, so these groups (and networks) are bestial brilliant to always put the blame on you as a concerned parent as well on the children, as no one would believe it.

After all these torture happenings – water-boarding, he was rolled into a carpet… he was trained to act as a baby prostitute (etc.) and you as a concerned parent, you have to explain prosecution office, police that this can happen, that this does happen and, that even many perpetrators were present whom he had to name “mummy” or “daddy”. So, you come with this quite weird stuff, if you do not anything about satanic ritual abuse, ritual abuse – child trafficking – or mk ultra – you nearly have no chance to get someone to listen to you. And, what is very interesting, I several times offered authorities they can examine me psychiatrically, they even can have my son – after a detailed examination over CT/MRT/(nuclear medical examination) – and if my son would not have anything… he can live with his “father” – I really offered anything and they (courts, authorities) denied, denied, denied.

So, it is very difficult when you are in this situation as a parent to even get an examination for these children. And, there is the Istanbul Protocol from the United Nations, so hundreds of torture specialists wrote these (guidelines) for torture cases – a guideline for acting in torture cases – this is now the official recommendation from the United Nations, and the point is, no one knows about it or claims not to know about it and if you have a tortured child no one is helping these children.


Dan&amp;Don: Now, when this first started happening, what did you think that it might be first, or did you think automatically that it was this?


Andrea: We here in Austria do not know anything about satanic ritual abuse or MK ultra. So, I had no idea what was going on but thanks to the information my son was able to give me about the perpetrators, I realized that they are well well educated, they are university professors, physicians, psychologists, so I knew that they are no idiots, you know. So, I just thought, there must be something, a bigger structure behind that… Because they would not take such a risk and they would not be able to do it so professionally, you know, the way I saw that my son was trained as a baby prostitute… was highly professional. It was heartbreaking, heart-breaking, but I realized that this was done on a highly professional level.

Or situations, where he changed personalities, I named it “he changed his status or consciousness” I did not realize that he already was a split personality with deliberately caused multiple personality disorder – I did not know this (in those days), so I described it differently.

So, there was a personality which did not recognize me any more: I was with him on the street and all of a sudden, he changed into this alter and he did not see me anymore (standing in front of him), so he was like standing alone on the street, trying to join other adults.


And from “small” – let´s say “small” things – I realized “O my god, this is a huge, huge, huge systematic thing done on him”.


Dan&amp;Don: So, if you suspect that your child is maybe a victim of this, what are the symptoms that you would normally look out for? Besides from what you already said.


Andrea: I mean the first symptoms, during the first visits were, that he came home very ill, you know. I was at the doctor´s with him nearly twice a week and the doctor´s  – the paediatric, meaning the child physicians – always prescribed him antibiotics. Now I know they described him antibiotics all the time to heal his inner wounds, because you nearly never see some wounds or bruises.

White torture is used – so, you cannot track water-boarding, you cannot track (all kinds of white torture) – so, they often roll the children into carpets to beat them there, because this does not leave traces… And, he already was “clean” we say in German, meaning he was able to go on his own to his potty, so, I did not check his genitals, his anus in detail. And what I know now is, that – or pricking with needles, they pricked his tooth root canal – they use everything that does not leave VISIBLE traces.

So the first symptoms are that they get ill, very ill, are stopping to talk, he already was able to talk, also, he needed soothers again and, he had enormous mood swings, unexplainable at the beginning and after he was already programmed – at least the basic steps of programming were done – after some breaks in visiting his “father” – all the things came out, one after the next, over months…

Another symptom, this is very important because it is heart-breaking – those children are always surrounded with perpetrators. So, take very care, when you child liked a (former) friend, a family member, a neighbour, (etc.) and all of a sudden, the toddler is telling you this person is not nice anymore. Take really care when this is happening, especially in this age when it is a five year old child, it might be a mood or the child might be just playing but especially serious when it is a toddler, because these groups are – meaning no single person can do this harm – so they are operating in groups, so you have involved neighbours, involved family members and you have involved acquaintances and it is also convincing the child that you would be cooperating unconsciously, because your child is told “your mummy or your daddy …” – I also know many concerned fathers… as protective fathers …. They always tell the child, “your mother or your father… want that you have now “ouch” – he/she is agreeing on that”.

And it is very stressing on a soul level as a protective parent, having no clue about the situation and the child who is experiencing this double-bind situation, that you are in contact with the perpetrators, meaning the protective mother or father is in contact with the perpetrators (without knowing).

And my son was convinced over weeks, that I wanted him to be tortured. – – –


Dan&amp;Don: This is terrible.


Andrea: Yes, yes.


Dan&amp;Don: Was there a family member involved in your case?


Andrea. Yes, actually my whole family is involved. It took me quite a while to find out – he told me quite late about family members involved – because they were close, they were I mean I was even phoning with them, telling them about his torture. He was listening while I was phoning with family members… So, I was even allowing his so called “grandmother” to babysit him, while I was at courts trying to find help for him (…) So of course – this was also done to re-trigger him, and she (at least) re-triggered him, and so on… So, I brought this to courts (too), nevertheless courts ignored it, and now I know of course, years later, that I grew up in a total mk ultra family


Dan&amp;Don: So, from your page ( it seems as courts were complicit and took care that the case would never see the light of the day.


Andrea: Yes, yes, yes. What I also know now is, that they were phoning around (to manipulate, influence, betray officials where necessary), I mean I had many former friends or acquaintances who were involved so, seemingly it was a whole set-up my live which I did not realize because I did not realize that I am programmed, mk-ed myself. So, on one hand it was heart-breaking for me to see that all friends or acquaintances were joining the crime because my son already told me and on the other hand, I felt so free, it was so much healing in this information itself, you know.

That might sound a bit weird, but truth is always healing. And I also realized this with my son first: Every single story that he was able to tell me meant healing for him – instant healing – like with a finger snip, you know. So, as heart-breaking as it is it is healing.


Dan&amp;Don: That´s good, at least.


Andrea: Yes, and sorry, for all parents that might be in this situation, what it is also extremely heart-breaking, is, my son claimed for example that I am not his mummy anymore … he was not allowed not allowed to call me “mummy” anymore but “Andrea” – he had to call me with my first name and it is heart-breaking, when you are dedicated parent and all of a sudden your child claims “you are not my mummy – you are not my father – anymore” and it took me actually years to find out what was going on until – there was this tape from the pizzagate researchers – – they have it on audio, how it comes to the point that a child has to say to others – to strangers – mum and dad – caused via plain horrific torture.


Dan&amp;Don: And how old is your son, now?


Andrea: 2 to 2 1/2years was the period (…)


Dan&amp;Don: Oh now, sorry, how old he is currently right now in the present?


Andrea: Currently present he is 10 years now.


Dan&amp;Don: So, this has been ongoing for a while?


Andrea: Yes, ongoing for a while, yes. And the last horrific thing that happened – I mean already in 2011, when he was 2 1/2yrs old, he told me that he now would be a girlie, that he would not be able to get children and told me about castration, that they told him at least that they would have him castrated – they do this quite often by crushing the inner genitals – or pricking with needles (into the inner genitals) – – or taking out even the bulbourethral gland – but that is something technical you can read this up on my website – and, in addition to this – they sent me a picture of him, this January 2019, a few months ago without any comment, where I saw, that he already lost – ALL – his adult teeth. This is often caused via torture, via electroshock or other means so, am they show me – again – openly that my beloved son is tortured. I wrote to court again – prosecution office AND family court – and all I get back is “there is no initial suspicion” – not to even have a look on the boy, not to have him examined in detail.


Dan&amp;Don: Well, it makes you wonder how much of this stuff authorities are covering up? You know, because it is not just one person, you know what I mean?


Andrea: Yes. I mean this is the – it took me quite some time to find out – at least at the moment I think to be honest – I think that I was groomed for this role to create a kind of strategic entanglement machinery, because every single doctor, physicians, psychologist, therapist, teacher, kindergartener (pre-school teacher) prosecution officer, judge, police officer – they are all entangled because it would be their duty to help this child. And by covering-up, preventing him from basic medical examinations and treatment is a crime, also here in Austria. A severe crime, because torture – it´s like murder, you can get even jailed for helping or allowing torture actually you can get jailed even 60 years afterwards, you know.


Dan&amp;Don: Yes, there is no here we call it “statute of limitation”, how much time it is past between when the crime was actually committed and the present day.


Andrea: Yes, exactly. Thank you for the technical term. Same here – and so I am very worried, extremely worried that they are going to kill my son therefore, then claim the child would have had an accident.


Dan&amp;Don: So, what do you estimate is the point of it, why they are doing this to all the children?


Andrea: I mean, we call it (egg-laying wool milk pig) – I mean – you just have if you are a psychopath and think like a psychopath, I grew up with them, so I know much about how they think, you just have advantages: You can first use these children as part of their basic mind fracture as baby prostitutes. The younger they are the more money you get. Then secondly you have the satanic component, you can do a lot of black magic rituals, energy transfers, experimentations within some satanic cults and then you have the third row of physicians, doing plain mk ultra research, improving their programs or even try to sell a certain type of program. So, everyone is earning from that, as well on top it is known, that the Nazis started to do this – you can entangle a whole population with this crime.

We know for example, many whistle-blowers are talking about it, that you can be invited to a huge event, and you are proud because you think, yes, well this is important for my career your ego is (getting big) and you are excited to be there and we know that they are mixing drugs into the drinks there and then they let you participate in some (torture) rituals. So, of course this is filmed, and from then on, if you don´t go to police, to prosecution office and report about the drugs, the torture and hand yourself in, you are entangled.

And the next step is, that they can also ask for your children. And grandchildren.


Dan&amp;Don: We knew this for quite a long time that they use this type of stuff as a black mail device.


Andrea: Yes.


Dan&amp;Don: You do not even have to necessarily participate in it, a picture of you in a room is enough.


Andrea: Yes. I mean this is the most common procedure for those who are not in SRA or MK ultra. But here in Austria seemingly – I mean we have here the old Nazi home-base, I mean Adolf Hitler was Austrian – the SS academy of physicians was brought to Austria, to Graz, that is a town 2 hours away from Vienna – in 1940, so still SS academy of physicians is operating here – it was never shut down, so we have here such a high density of SRA and MK ultra in general population.


Dan&amp;Don: So, you say this is perpetrated basically by the 4th REICH?


Andrea: Yes, this is interesting, we have here 4th REICH but we have here also at least as my research goes to at the moment, I think we have here extremely strong THULE, with THULE I mean the combination of VRIL, the 4th REICH and the Vatican. Now also – unfortunately in Vienna – also having large co-operations with MOSSAD and with Russian secret service. Vienna for example was always said to be a melting pot of the secret services of the east and west, as it is a country, meaning a city, on the former boarder of east and west. So, we here have any secret services and they are sitting – I mean for us it is here the Nazis, there the Jews, then the Muslims – but we know that in their free-masonic lodges – or in their power centres they are sitting around one table together.


Dan&amp;Don: Yes, wow. You know within our own research we discovered that that the THULE is actually behind the rise of the Nazi party.


Andrea: Yes


Dan&amp;Don: They basically installed Hitler.


Andrea: They installed Hitler, they financed him. I mean there was so much money available for their research, for their military equipment, for their space flying saucers and so on… Even just look at their clothes, they were made by the later designer Hugo Boss. So, they had even designer cloths. Who paid for this in a country that had no money after the 1st world war?


Dan&amp;Don: They were financed from Switzerland. I have learned everything from living in a military town – it is you have to look out where people go to receive funding for things – and – yeah – funding is king. It is funny, because the first time I ever heard about this about the whole concept about SRA, about satanic ritual abuse was that someone I used to be friends with from high-school and her mum told me that she basically got turned on into a conspiracy theory about this worldwide network of paedophiles that was basically run by the Vatican.


Andrea: Wow.


Dan&amp;Don: And the Jesuit order was actually on the centre of it.


Andrea: Yes, exactly – I also always land at the Jesuits (doing research) – And the interesting thing for example, the brother of Wernher von Braun – Wernher von Braun, the rocket scientist and head of NASA and so on – his brother – Sigismund (von Braun) – was a diplomat in the Vatican.


Dan&amp;Don: Really?


Andrea: Yes.


Dan&amp;Don: I did not know that.


Andrea: So, you have the connection within one click. And of course, we have here mostly Nazis or former Nazis but especially in our own case, my son recognized perpetrators from Nazi families and from Jewish families committing the crime hand in hand. So, that does not make the situation easier, and actually when I am going against one group, the other comes and attacks me back… and they are protecting each other.


Dan&amp;Don: Yeah, I think that it is a mistake to counter column. Nazis were behind it, because Nazis were just a creation of occult societies and THULE was basically all the ones who were active in Germany and suck them all up in form of a super cult. So, I mean even though the Nazi party is long gone the actually driving force behind it is still well active, still rock n rolling. And then you get the ties to the O.T.O from that. Do you want to speak on that Dan?


Andrea: The O.T.O – I did not get that?


Dan&amp;Don: Well as far I know Aleister Crowley started the O.T.O


Andrea: Ahh – O.T.O  – yes of course


Dan&amp;Don: during world war 2, they were magical tools between the British lodges the leftovers of the “Golden Dawn” then the VRIL, all basically started out of Blavatsky teachings… from what I can understand. – – – Right.


Andrea: The O.T.O was even founded in Vienna. Austria.


Dan&amp;Don: Yeah, I believe that. The closest chapter here is I think in Baltimore. Yes, this is probably 6-8 hours away from us.

Andrea: Wow. And you know, the interesting thing, for me at least, but it might be also interesting for you for example perpetrators my son was able to recognize, especially the older ones, Americans survivors in their 30ies, in their 40ies in their 60ies recognized the same perpetrators as their programmers, as their handlers, as their trainers. So, this group is operating worldwide it is not so huge as it seems. My impression is that the core programmers are still alive Mengele is still alive, Aribert Heim is still alive and they are not giving out of their hands their basic knowledge – that´s at least my impression.


Dan&amp;Don: So, where would you think he is hiding, if Mengele was still around, in Brazil or – – – Argentina?


Andrea: There are many reports that Mengele is in New York, looking like in his 50ies or 60ies


Dan&amp;Don:  Really?


Andrea: Yes, I believe that too. And first, you know, I was studying with comparative literature and there I was dealing a lot with the 3rd REICH and the Jewish survivor reports of the concentrations camps and some of them were saying, “they are still here” – they were saying this in the 90ies – “they are still here, they are still attacking us” – and I was wondering what was going on with them, why were they so afraid, so there were many Jewish survivors claiming that – the same with American MK ultra survivor Wendy Hoffman, she is also Jewish. She is reporting – that is highly interesting – that Josef Mengele was starting her MK ultra programming in the early 40ies – in New York – long before the war ended. So, this is all a cover-up, everything was prepared that the Nazis will be then transferred to America in my opinion.


Dan&amp;Don: Yes, officially we have in the books that we had operation paperclip – – – project paperclip – – – yes, excuse me – – but, you know what I was saying about the O.T.O and all these occult orders having the same core stuff (…) so it does not really matter, it is all the occult order. So, very easily for them to have – you know – we have the same type of society here in the US and we had them in those times – so here we have your networks.


Andrea: Yes, yes. I think on one hand they have these regression technologies for themselves and on the other hand they are playing a lot with time travel. So, I have concrete memories on my own programming now that I was talking with my own programmer recently, meaning one year ago.


Dan&amp;Don: So, well how did that conversation go?


(all laughing)


Andrea: Well, from my own story just to give a frame for that it took me years even after the situation with my son happened that I realized that I was total MK ultra too, because my programming is on one hand extremely well done and on the other hand extremely well hidden. So, when I am changing alters one nearly cannot see any difference – and no one can see it. So, a friend of mine, Miesha Johnston, she is also working with me for years now, is also stating that she cannot see a difference on me (when changing alters). So, this just to give a frame for it. But over the years I got some hints and, I realized when I was in Norway, actually, I realized that during a deep meditation a kind of portal was opening it felt as if my bed would get wheels, my bed would have been driven into another room, then an airlock of a military base would have been opened… – I was in plain shock and just shouted “No, I do not agree, I do not consent” – and then I was driven back, so I realized that I was fetched by a portal technology.


Dan&amp;Don: So, when you say portal technology, are you talking about like people from a secret space program or a breakaway civilization, are we talking about the same portal technology?


Andrea: No much more practical. If they want to fetch you, they just need a kind of electromagnetic frequency I call it – I am unfortunately not a technician – but they just can fetch you where ever you are. So this I was experiencing on your own, you are lying on your bed or you are sleeping and they just take you and for you it feels as if your bed would get wheels and you are transported into – I do not know if I was on this planet or off-planet – but they just take you to a complete different location, and the same way I was brought back.

And there, I have memories, talking for example to one of the not so well-known Nazi programmers, Aribert Heim, but he was (has been) a close colleague of Joseph Mengele.


Dan&amp;Don: Do you think maybe that there is any possibility that the portal technology or the leaving could be screen memories?


Andrea: No, – no, because it was not just ones, I had many of them… … I don´t think it was a screen memory actually, no. Because also during regression it was confirmed. So, I have memories on my own, meaning I made the experience during deep meditation several times – and during regression it was confirmed. But, I mean, talking about screen memories: All could be screen memories but it would be for too much in sum for screen memories, you know. I also found out during a session that I was programmed at the Wewelsburg castle in Germany.


Dan&amp;Don: And that´s the place where the Black Sun and the 4th REICH is located, right?


Andrea: Yes, it is Himmler´s occult castle. And I found out later, later I did research, many are telling the same stories, that they were laying there on the black sun symbol… getting programmed or tortured or whatsoever. So, it cannot be a screen memory of all of us, you know.


Dan&amp;Don: Right. You know it was not to be like accusatory or anything.

Andrea: I understand. I question myself a lot about it and actually, maybe, I think often too long


(all laughing)


Dan&amp;Don: You know, it´s been discussed in some of the circles that are circulate through that they now have the possibility to place false memories in your head – dark city style. You know, they can take a memory from one person and implant it into another.


Andrea: Yes, of course they can. But, you know, there are always – how is it called – injuries (scars) on your body. So why I do have these problems with my coccyx or with my tailbone? – without having any memories about an accident. Why do I have quite crippled pointing fingers without any memories? Of course, from torture. Why do I have memories like – actually I had the ability to store memories like an audio recorder or video recorder in my brain. Too many things that cannot get explained via consciousness transfer or implanted memories, you know. But I am very aware of the situation, that not everything is true. And I am very careful in my research, therefore.


Dan&amp;Don: Right.


Andrea: And, I am just talking about things, where I am 100% sure.


Dan&amp;Don: We are like the opposite – (laughing) – we are going on air every week and are just (talking about everything) I mean on our show we are not afraid of wild connection  – – – We speculate quite often. A great deal, it is pretty much the point of our show – it is wild speculation. But you know we also try to provide a platform where everyone can come in a non-judgmental atmosphere and let the audience decide on their own. And, I wanna thank you for coming on and talking about this – – – And I understand that you are taking incredible risk by doing it, but the risk not doing it is even bigger.


Andrea: I made a decision, I mean, my son, shortly before he was taken, I asked him – we knew it could happen because there was the imminent danger of course – so I asked him, what I should do in such a case, meaning if I should focus on him or for him and all his little friends, and he said – of course in his language in these days – please fight for me and all those other children. So, he told me what to do and I am going on with that of course.


Dan&amp;Don: So, how would you go about trying to – or would it even be advisable – to merge personalities that have been fractured due to trauma-based mind control?


Andrea: You mean, in terms of healing?


Dan&amp;Don: Yes.


Andrea: I mean, on one hand it is a very long process and on the other hand it is going very quickly, depending, if secret service or the cults who think they would own you are leaving you alone or not. So, for example Miesha Johnston is doing wonderful sessions with me as a hypnotherapist, but, for example after every single session I am fetched and memories are again deleted. So, I just have the audio recordings and it is very difficult to come into this memory flow. So, healing is possible very quickly in my opinion when you are left in peace. That´s my message, you know. And many are also, like we do know from other secret space whistle-blowers like Penny Bradley who is a friend of mine and a colleague – she is also under attack. So, the point is: Are you left in peace, are you attacked by direct energy weapons, are you poisoned, are there murder attempts against you or are you even fetched and your memories are wiped out again and again and again?

And what cannot get healed – sorry, just one sentence – what cannot be healed, if you have mutilations, for example, this cannot be healed and even if I would get back my son now, I cannot give him back his childhood.


Dan&amp;Don: right.


Andrea: Same here with me, but alters can be integrated, alters can be found, it is not such a big deal, but most of us are not left alone, they do not let us live in peace, that´s – for most of us – the problem, I think.


Dan&amp;Don: During all your healing, have you figured out, what the intend was for your mind fracture?


Andrea: The intend for my mind fracture?


Dan&amp;Don: Yes, what did they use you for?


Andrea: What I have found out so far, but this section is blocked the most, is, that I was used I have memories of being used for small or smallest agency jobs. I was used in Montauk seemingly my ability was or is to search for or to find certain things they used this ability a lot


Dan&amp;Don: Now, was that something like astral travel or remote viewing or was that something different?


Andrea: My memories are more remote viewing based.


Dan&amp;Don: okay, they were using you as a remote viewer.


Andrea: this at least I know at the moment, and it is – at the moment very difficult to find them (…) And seemingly in some point in time they started to use me for the role I am playing now because for me it cannot be a coincidence, you know… … also the studies, my whole education. I mean why did I study comparative literature? So, you are good in observing, in puzzling together text pieces… then, I have an education in business, in statistics, … then also as a counsellor, trainer coach – so, I don´t think this is a coincidence, I really think they trained me to be capable for the role I am doing now. So, it is a bestial cynical game actually. you know?


Dan&amp;Don: Yes, it is seemingly.


Andrea: And first, I thought, wow, you are so lucky to have all these educations and over the years I tend to think, well, was it really my decision? You know what I mean?


Dan&amp;Don: Yes, and earlier you talked about shifting from one personality in the other and it was not indistinguishable so that´s kind of scary for me – how do you even know then, like of how much of what you are doing is wanted to be done and how much is a programming? Like you are coming to my show right now, you know what I am saying?


Andrea: I mean, I am used to that, everyone who is programmed is used to that. It is normal – I recognize it now better when I am in a program, I have the classical “fight or flight” modus, this are signs for me that now I am in a program or in an alter that is suggesting that there is no other way. Or, in the early years I found out that when I am extremely ill, I start to look the brightest… I start to shine, you know. This is done via extreme torture “no one is allowed to realize how you are really feeling”.


Dan&amp;Don: Yes, that´s bad. – – – The sense of isolation is overwhelming.


Andrea: Isolation?


Dan&amp;Don: Yes, having the secret, not being able to tell the world that this stuff is happening and happened.


Andrea: I mean, I can tell the world.


Dan&amp;Don: I mean like for the victims…

Andrea: I mean is a huge point in my life, that´s why I stopped here. They keep me well isolated; I am living here in a small studio actually in Vienna and they are keeping me in principle isolated for years now. I have fortunately friends all over the world which can be met over the internet, but there are no local friends, there is no local network and, over the years – it is maybe also interesting – even after the thing happened to Luki, my son I was brought into an even more sever isolation over secret service agents: They come as helpers, they come as friends and, over months and years you realize, well now I am completely isolated.


Dan&amp;Don: Have you lived in Austria your entire life?


Andrea: Mostly, yes. I lived several months in London, in the beginning in 2013, where I tried desperately to find help for my son, I lived and worked in London for about 6-9 months, then I lived also in Asia, after a murder attempt I had to fly and lived in a Buddhist monastery to find some healing then I was a few months in Switzerland, then I was in Norway and most of the time I was accompanied by secret service officials, so they are really eager to prevent you from working on one hand, re-trigger you, re-program you, keep you ready for whatsoever, you know to target you.

And what they also do, especially in the early years, they do a lot of – this is extremely important for the audience – they do a lot of what we call “operative psychology” this means “erosion of the soul” – “ZERSETZUNG”: They really try to kill you by killing your soul or hurting your soul so much that you either get really insane, or you commit suicide or you knock at the door of a psychiatry and ask to live there for the rest of your life. And this is extremely dangerous – I am not joking about this – for example one of the first helpers that was here, was from the secret service – officially he wanted to help me and my son – and sitting in my living room and having coffee with him, all of a sudden I thought, O my god, I had the feeling now I am getting crazy to be honest, as there was so much cognitive dissonance in this meeting until out I found out, that he was one of the torturers of my son.

And it sounds very easy now here, when I tell this, but when you are in this situation, it is nearly unbearable. And they love, for example, to send you agents, that were involved in the torture – it is extremely important for breaking you down on a soul level because your unconsciousness knows it – just you as a person does not know it and – after this did not work anymore – because when you find it out once you find it out much quicker the next time, and so on, so it does not work any more

What they also did, for your audience this is also important, they recorded the torture events of my beloved son meaning his crying, begging for help, crying for me and then, they sent me these happenings over white noises (into my living room). So, the same is going on, you are unconsciously on a soul level listening to that and you do not hear it directly, because it is white noises and I promise you, if you do not find out, you are getting insane, it is nearly unbearable. As soon as you find out it does not hurt you so much and you can try to record it and then often it immediately stops.


Dan&amp;Don: Do you think this is what could have happened to the diplomats in Cuba? And a couple of other places, I think China, there are diplomats claiming to be sonically attacked.


Andrea: I think yes, because even if it is not your child it is breaking down every sentient being. It is unbearable, it is really unbearable. Because on a soul level it is eroding your soul, it is weakening you and you have no idea because you do not hear anything, you know. So, yes, my opinion is this could be.


Dan&amp;Don: So, is there any way you could possibly shield yourself from that besides from living in a

deprivation chamber


(all laughing)


Andrea: I think the most important thing is to know because what you know cannot kill you or cannot drive you insane you can do something about it. General protection is very difficult for example, because I was sitting in Norway in a small little Fjord, you know and they came to electroshock me in my living-room from outside.


Dan&amp;Don: what?


Andrea: yes.


Dan&amp;Don: That´s terrible.


Andrea: and this device can be bought in any shop worldwide. Even privately, so even we could buy it if we wanted to, you know. So, it is more important to find out what is going on, and about the mechanism how the secret service operatives and their satanic crews are operating then to protect, because you cannot be so protected, they most often find a new way, you know.


Dan&amp;Don: right. Always a countermeasure.


Andrea: Yes, and for example in the settlement where I live in Vienna half of the settlement thinks I would have (tried) to commit suicide because a secret service officer told them so…


Dan&amp;Don: really?


Andrea: yes, the other third thinks I am insane (and the few left do have children in mk ultra or SRA/child trafficking programs on their own)


Dan&amp;Don: Just to clarify, when you say secret service, are you talking about something over there or are you talking about the US secret service?


Andrea: Oh, no, here in Austria I talk about local Austrian secret service.


Dan&amp;Don: Okay


Andrea: And, I even after a murder attempt, I mentioned them even with name, picture, address towards prosecution office, but they do not mind.


Dan&amp;Don: So, in Austria, what would be the secret service be in charge of? What would be their main job? Here in America, their only job is to protect the president.


Andrea: Aha, okay, I did not know that.


Dan&amp;Don: yeah, we got the CIA and the NSA, they are all intelligence agencies. The (…) defence agencies, the whole we call them alphabet agencies… but the secret service basically is just here to protect the president… Yes, the CIA and the FBI are the 2 big intelligence agencies that most people know about


Andrea: Okay. Here in Austria we have the situation that general population does not know that secret service does even exist. So, when you start to talk secret service, they more tend to think that you are insane, they are so brain-washed so, this means that Austrian secret service is excellent because a population that does not know that the agency exists shows that the agency did a brilliant job.


Dan&amp;Don: So, this would be more a “men in black” agency than the CIA? The men in black, that do not exist to investigate UFO, (…) or they come and collect evidence on topics that technically do not exist? Yeah – they are part of an organization, that´s so secret that there is no name for it.


Andrea: Yes, something more like this. And you know, they more look like we do… they are caretakers of houses, housewives, pensioners, invalids, …they really have a brilliant stuff, you know it is not – we all have still have in our mind the James Bond type.


Dan&amp;Don: Right


(all laughing)

Andrea: And when someone is not looking like this type it cannot be, you know.


Dan&amp;Don: So, you have to look on your watch and I am sure a good portion of old Europe remembers secret police


(all laughing)


Andrea: So, it is extremely difficult here in Austria. We here are also not allowed to talk about UFOs and not allowed to talk (actually think) about aliens.


Dan&amp;Don: Really?


Andrea: Yes, we are so brainwashed, even I am I have to admit. I have really troubles to talk about aliens… … because it is so forbidden here that you do not dare (even think about it), you know?


Dan&amp;Don: Yeah, American culture is pretty obsessed with aliens and there is a state in the US that made a law that made it illegal to get abducted

(all laughing)


Andrea: really?


Dan&amp;Don: Can you believe that?


Andrea: Yes, but this is free speech and we must not forget that we are here in the Nazi home-base so why are they the brainwashing the population even to not dare to think about it? Of course, we have a lot of alien contacts a lot of (informal) bases, a lot of UFOs but it is the best protection, no?


Dan&amp;Don: Yes, I guess so it is given a giant stigma I mean it used to have a pretty big stigma here too, but it is losing up in the last 20, 30 years I would say. – – – Well, we are speaking here about the CIA there it was said, everything you see on TV, everything you hear on radio anything that makes its way into the mass consciousness, is what we call culture changing, is you know – basically the powers that be taking these ideas and grounding them into the American Zeitgeist. So, are you are familiar over there in Austria with the Tavistock institute?


Andrea: Yes, of course.


Dan&amp;Don: So, a lot of techniques come from them for mass penetration. And repeating chunk at the psyche on a mass level – – – So, I think the way it worked here is, keep this under-wiring sort of theme, that if anybody talks about it like UFOs or extra-terrestrials, yeah, they are crazy, but… since we have such a hard time making everything who is seeing something in the sky look crazy… we are just getting here “not talk about it” or “make it part of the culture”.


Andrea: Yeah, I mean, you really have freedom of speech, you must not forget this.


Dan&amp;Don: Yes, for now.


Andrea: And you had gorgeous whistle-blowers, activists, scientists over the last 60 years actually who did so much from any angle of the truther scenes… basic field research – Anthony J. Hilder, Cooper – I now miss his first name –


Dan&amp;Don: Bill Cooper – – – Milton William “Bill” Cooper


Andrea: than all those dealing with SRA and MK ultra, so without you Americans I think I would not be alive anymore, because I think they would have broken me.


Dan&amp;Don: Well, on behalf of America, Thank you.


(all laughing)


Andrea: thank you, America.


Dan&amp;Don: You know, I mean I get the feeling, all of that is coming up backyards, as we recently had a few stories shared in the group – this is just in 2 days ago – that 2 major child trafficking rings are broken up, one in Detroit and one in Georgia.


Andrea: Child smuggling rings?


Dan&amp;Don: Yes, and we are in Virginia.


Andrea: I mean, this news with smuggling rings, this is great for the concerned children, but then you maybe safe a few hundreds, you know. But, in my opinion it is more important to get out the whole thing what was done on them in terms of programming? Because then they are taken out from the smuggling rings and placed into foster places where they are ongoing programmed or used for whatsoever. So, we have to raise the awareness, in my opinion how the procedure is done on toddlers and small children because otherwise we cannot stop the whole issue. And these children are becoming perpetrators on their own, not all of them, but many. So, the number is raising of course, also the numbers of perpetrators are raising.


Dan&amp;Don: Well there is a never-ending leak of horror stories that emerged from CPS – child protection services, the whole foster care system – you know, juvenile courts, there is a never-ending laundry list of horror stories emerging from those sectors.


Andrea: Yes, Nancy Schaefer, I think she was an American senator… she was collecting materials about your CPS and she was suicided with her husband, I think 1 or 3 days before the hearing


Dan&amp;Don: Something we have to dig into – – – Yeah.


Andrea: Much is published about her, so you can find her – Nancy Schaefer is/was her name. (<a href=””></a>)


Dan&amp;Don: Sounds familiar. Was she investigating Haiti?


Andrea: She was investigating the CPS.


Dan&amp;Don: So, just CPS, so she was not investigating child trafficking in Haiti?


Andrea: Not Haiti – as far as I know, not Haiti – but child trafficking and CPS and money laundering there out of child trafficking.


Dan&amp;Don: Well, it is commonly known, at least in conspiracy theory circles that there are terrible things being done behind closed doors by the elites. So, the Clinton foundation is involved in Haiti… this guy Jeff Epstein, what is referred to as “rape island” in the US Virgin islands… … you know the Clintons made multiple trips there, probably twice as often as Trump but – yes – he has been there, then Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein – – –  Just recently too, then we have this Nxivm cult getting broken up in the same type of thing – I have not heard anything about children involved in that one but this one was more human trafficking – – – Keith Raniere got locked up for taking pictures with 15year old girls (beside other things)


Andrea: Okay

Dan&amp;Don: the whole pizzagate thing, and you know people who want to laugh about that claiming “pizzagate is not real” – thinking it was just about the guy owning the pizza restaurant (…)


Andrea: I mean this is extremely important and I am so glad that other guys are doing this research but what I, what for me is more interesting, all those guys you mentioned, Weinstein, Clintons, etc. – all those guys are MK ultra themselves. So, also my son told me – this was so interesting – heart-breaking, heart-breaking: he told me that other toddlers were present and they were forced to do him “ouch” – “ouch” was our code for torture, you know. So, the small ones, perpetrators were forcing their own children to torture my son and other children – so this is part of their mk ultra program – that they have to do this to other children. And when you see them growing up then, then you have the adult versions of Weinstein, Clinton, however they are called or Bush – same here in Austria, no difference – By the way – Arnold Schwarzenegger – also involved in all this, is Austrian.


Dan&amp;Don: You know, you mentioned Bill Clinton being MK – I met Bill Clinton one time, he was campaigning for his wife, in 2008 or something like that and he was doing some speech for her in a gymnasium and at the time I was involved in a actors groups and we stood there asking questions (…) – ambush journalism basically – (…) – so someone dared to ask him about the Bohemian Grove. And when I got to him it was so strange it was as if – the energy in the room was as if he was a rock star – he held his speech and he is doing the meet and greet thing and he just: IT was empty. Like his face, it was just like – you know – I shook his hand and asked a question and he was just blank face and it all seemed as if he was not even there. It was great.


Andrea: I mean there is this famous video from him online – I do not know if you know it – but where he gets make-up before a speech I think, and there you see, that there is nothing there, that he is just a shell


Dan&amp;Don: It seemed that way to me. I mean he did the speech well you know – he seemed alive and well he was giving a speech, but afterwards it was just like if he was looking through everyone. You know, he did not even see anyone in the room.


Andrea: I think this is more important – for me it is more important – to point the fact that they are programmed themselves. That does not mean that they are without guilt of course they need to take back their personal responsibility and liability. you know. But it is important that we know that they are programmed themselves, so were programmed for these roles. So you have all these perverted torture events with small children – I am not talking about sex, because for a child it is always torture – when you just think of the body measures of a child or a toddler and an adult man or even woman – it is torture, but they are programmed to do this. And of course, it is still the responsibility – even programmed – of them to seek help, to stop it and overtake responsibility and liability. We must see that they are victims on their own and that even their children are programmed into this role to become perpetrators later on. So, if we do not see it, if we do not recognize it, it never stops.


Dan&amp;Don: And, yeah, this is kind a common thing with molestation cases and stuff like that that are not necessarily tied into SRA or Mk because there are just people out who do that. And the children themselves turning around and doing it to other children, maybe thinking it was normal as it was done on them. You know, outside of the whole ritual abuse thing, and well, yes if there is on top the whole programming thing, there is no wonder.


Andrea: Yes. And I mean many survivors are speaking out and say I want to stop this – so, you have the decision – I made the decision, many others did so not all victims are becoming perpetrators.


Dan&amp;Don: Right, so, what do you think I guess the stats – how many do you think are concerned? (….)


Andrea: Millions.


Dan&amp;Don: So, I guess if we step up to the plate so to speak to realize that it is happening to you first. I wished, there just were a beam we can use to reveal all of this – if there exists one, maybe it does I think it is a kind of violation (…) once you have done this kind of shit (…)


Andrea: And I mean there are different levels of programming. Not everyone gets the – I am now cynical – gets the governmental programming from the secret service with lifelong torture included. There are many steps from basic child abuse to mk ultra programming and many grey zones, you know. So that´s why I think and many talk about it, that millions are concerned.


Dan&amp;Don: With that not giving too much information away where I work… – everyone knows where you work, Dan – – – Ah, well, I work here in (…) and this kid says “mummy, I want this starburst” and the mummy says “no, you get the skittles to support the troops” – You remember the white and blue skittles they had one day? – and well, brainwashing starts at home. That was just an anecdote, well I mean cultural conditioning, this kind of programming. You know, it is little things like that, that adds up to overall programming. A computer program is made of lots of bits of codes. Right, and that bit of code right there.


Andrea: Yes, of course (…)


Dan&amp;Don: So, we are about of running out of time here. So, we again want to thank you for coming on – Her website there – if you guys are interested to check it out- there is a lot of cool stuff on it and will later post it to the group. So, go check that out. Andrea, do you have anything in closing that you would like to say?


Andrea: Yes, to parents out there, I just want to mention, I did a lot of work on, the most important information is in the forensics chapters and if you are in the situation, try to find immediately a lawyer, and go together with the lawyer to a hospital, maybe you pay even privately for it, and do a MRT/CT/nuclear medical examination of your child, document everything, even the reaction of the child toward the hospital equipment and the atmosphere, because most often it is accompanied by flashbacks. If you don´t do this, you have no proof in your hands and most often your child is taken away. And you have any questions, you can reach me on Facebook or over the website


Dan&amp;Don: Awesome. Thanks for coming on and we hope to speak to you soon – it´s been a great discussion.


Andrea: Thank you for having me and I wish you a nice evening in Virginia then.


Dan&amp;Don: You too. Thanks for coming on and thanks just the level of bravery it takes to come forward on this (…) and this is the kind of courage and get this rich and nefarious elites that are manipulating humanity from the shadows (…) this is where it starts.


Andrea: Yes, thank you too, for your work, I think we all are brave here, doing something, we all chose our topic, I chose mine your chose yours. Thank you for having me.


Dan&amp;Don: No problem, talk to you soon.


Andrea: Bye!


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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”f6bpa-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”f6bpa-0-0″>[Round table with Dan and Don from Reality Brief –, recorded, May 4th, 2019 with English subtitles]</span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”f83dd-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”f83dd-0-0″>Uploaded with the permission from Reality Brief – the original round table recording is to be found here:</span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”79l84-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”79l84-0-0″>Mentioned links/persons/vids:</span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”ahqsq-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”ahqsq-0-0″>Pizzagate torture of toddler (TRIGGER):</span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”22ton-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”22ton-0-0″>Nancy Schaefer:</span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”fbdkq-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”fbdkq-0-0″>Sigismund von Braun:</span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”8uon-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”8uon-0-0″>Bill Clinton:</span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”77d0r-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”77d0r-0-0″></span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”99pvt-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”99pvt-0-0″>The forensic chapter on</span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”4etut-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”4etut-0-0″>Symptoms:</span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”1ucp7-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”1ucp7-0-0″>Istanbul protocol:</span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”atp5b-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”atp5b-0-0″>Guidelines for questioning toddlers and children in torture cases:</span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”3893v-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”3893v-0-0″> </span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”89r52-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”89r52-0-0″>Background:</span></div>
<div class=”” data-block=”true” data-editor=”fndgf” data-offset-key=”7df2t-0-0″>
<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”7df2t-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”7df2t-0-0″>Andrea Sadegh is the founder and owner of – network against torture on toddlers and children, who came into the topic of MK ultra over her son, who was taken by Austrian government into governmental care not even 3 years old after his mind fracture and basis programming became visible within horrible flashbacks. </span></div>
<div class=”” data-block=”true” data-editor=”fndgf” data-offset-key=”6ei0f-0-0″>
<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”6ei0f-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”6ei0f-0-0″>Latest since then, Andrea was targeted by Intel, as the boy was able to name and recognize 72+ perpetrators with close ties to (inter)national secret service and politics: A dangerous constellation in the birth country of Adolf Hitler, were Nazi operatives are still in charge, cooperating with Mossad, CIA and Russian services on a large scale. </span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”cr58r-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”cr58r-0-0″> </span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”3ii4p-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”3ii4p-0-0″>Instead of examining the child in detail over MRT/CT/nuclear medical examination/psychiatrically Austrian government decided to solve the situation in Nazi style: “The more harm we do to the child and his protective mother, the less anyone will be able to believe it.”</span></div>
<div class=”” data-block=”true” data-editor=”fndgf” data-offset-key=”7m7ed-0-0″>
<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”7m7ed-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”7m7ed-0-0″> </span></div>
<div class=”” data-block=”true” data-editor=”fndgf” data-offset-key=”mrn2-0-0″>
<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”mrn2-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”mrn2-0-0″>So, while the small one has been ongoing tortured every single day since February 2012, after he was taken away, Andrea was hunted down by intel over the whole globe, survived several murder attempts. In January 2019, a picture of him was sent to her, showing him with no teeth, meaning the boy lost all his adult teeth, due to torture, not even 10 years old. This besides other injuries already brought to court in 2011, like the destruction of his inner genitals (castration), needles in his tooth root canal, coccyx, brain stem, etc. besides his massive DID/MPD (deliberately caused multiple personality disorder). Instead of helping – at least the boy – Austrian government was eager to strategically entangle thousands via joining the ritualistic torture of the boy as well via hiding the crime by any means.</span></div>
<div class=”” data-block=”true” data-editor=”fndgf” data-offset-key=”6jk04-0-0″>
<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”6jk04-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”6jk04-0-0″> </span></div>
<div class=”” data-block=”true” data-editor=”fndgf” data-offset-key=”5nola-0-0″>
<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”5nola-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”5nola-0-0″>Over the years Andrea found out, that not just her beloved son was in an MK ultra-program, but she herself, with a life that has been a total MK slave biography, master-designed by Joseph Mengele himself, including Black Sun programming at the Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, time travel operations, Intel, Montauk chair, SSP, bloodlines, breeding, strategic entanglement, portal teleportation. </span></div>
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<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”f0div-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”f0div-0-0″> </span></div>
<div class=”” data-block=”true” data-editor=”fndgf” data-offset-key=”f05nm-0-0″>
<div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”f05nm-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”f05nm-0-0″>Andrea has a master’s degree in comparative literature and German, as well a post-graduate in statistics. She is trained as a trainer, coach, counsellor and is one of the experts on toddlers and children in MK/SRA/child trafficking programs, as well in the modus operandi in involuntary cases. She can be found on Facebook as well on and</span></div>



You have found the relaunch website from Soon we will present our network with a new layout, fresh texts, (…) – until finished please be patient!

Trauma Based Mind Control & (satanic) Ritual Abuse is a network against torture on toddlers and children:

Through severe torture involving extreme psychological, physical and spiritual violence, (small) children are brought to the point where their personality splits into fragments. These personality fragments are then compartmentalised and programmed: through repeating this torture (as is known from international manuals on the subject), artificial personality profiles can be created.

These children are used by the paedo-criminal Establishment for sexual / mental / spiritual abuse, and later on, as adults, likewise used to carry out countless assignments, irrespective of their programming, for military purposes, in the secret services, as politicians, etc. – to work as “slaves” (as they are called in the specialist literature) for the groups who have created them, or to already work as child prostitutes during their “childhood” and to be simply disposed of afterwards. This crime has become known due, above all, to the “research” carried out by the CIA under the name “MK-Ultra”: in fact, the CIA imported the most famous scientist in the field of mind control, Dr Joseph Mengele, directly from Auschwitz Concentration Camp (where huge numbers of “experiments” were carried out, particularly on Jewish and growth-restricted children) via the ratline to America, from where this crime has rapidly spread throughout the world – particularly within the secret services and among doctors and psychologists eager to conduct human experiments.

As this type of crime can only be committed and covered up by the Establishment, and is usually concealed and protected by politicians, the crime as such is easily verifiable, including the subsequent crimes committed by the judiciary and authorities (to perpetuate the cover-up), as the irreversible injuries of the children (MPD, DID, autism and severe physical injuries verifiable through MR/CT) remain for a lifetime.




English Summary

“Small one, look at the stars ~ how they shine and glow,

But some of those stars died a long time ago” […]

“Still they shine in the evening skies ~

Love, like “starlight”, never dies”

(Mummy Fox in Debi Glories’ “No Matter What”,

One of my traumatized son’s most beloved books)



Mind control/ritual abuse “experiments” on children in Austria in the Mengele tradition: Authorities protect the perpetrators from day one. Response to the victimization of a boy in the custody of the youth welfare department and Austrian authorities: “There is no reason for investigation. There is not even a case.”



Over the years, Austria has become a perfect “Potemkin village,” having harbored the elite Nazi academy of physicians and psychiatrists during World War II in the city of Graz, Styria (SS-Ärztliche Akademie Graz), and currently harboring perpetrators behind the facade of a western democratic country, a country of trauma-based mind control slavery and organized abuse on children and toddlers. Within the last few years, Austria has been home to spectacular cases of child abuse/ritual abuse slavery. Criminal abuse cases such as “Natascha Kampusch’s” and “Elisabeth Fritzl’s” were never thoroughly examined (police superintendents ostensibly “killed themselves,” thereby protecting the pedophile network operating in the country); and it was all covered up by the same politically influenced top prosecution officer, Dr. Werner Pleischl, of the Socialist Party, that – with short interruptions – has ruled the country for decades.

I’ve disclosed to Austrian Authorities, in 300 pages, what my beloved son, then aged 2 ½ – 3, has shown me through endless tears and post-traumatic flashbacks, lying on the floor, crying, then partially fainting when the memories of the suffering and torment he had endured over the course of 18 or so visits with his father surfaced. His father is a man with a drug addiction, and a history in the Middle East’s secret service, where he obviously studied this type of torture, shortly before finishing his official education as a psychotherapist in Austria. With the help of Freemason-affiliated therapists and physicians, he subjected my son to ritual abuse/medical experiments in the tradition of MKUltra’s Dr. Mengele, resulting in trauma-based mind control.


Since 2011, it has been impossible to get my son examined by specialists. The more I found out, the more they would pressure me to back off – not only the perpetrators, but members of Austria’s highest courts. The torture my beloved son was suffering (and still is suffering) corresponded 1:1 with the scientific literature on trauma-based mind control and Satanic ritual abuse. When I originally submitted the 300 pages explaining the details of my son’s suffering, the flashbacks, etc., in hopes of getting him examined, and getting help for him, I hadn’t yet come across the term “trauma-based mind control and ritual abuse.” Their response was to claim I’d manipulated him into believing these things had happened to him. Then, ten months after I’d sent in the submission, I discovered the term, and hence the concept of this kind of criminal abuse, a hugely important epiphany for me. Now I understood what had happened to my son. When I again appealed to the courts, armed with these new insights, and included German scientific literature, they told me I was “delusional.”


The horrors my son endured included: ritual abuse, inflicted by people wearing masks; being forced to eat his own feces; being kept in a car trunk for ages; being anally raped and suffering other forms of sexual abuse; being drugged; being trained to be a baby prostitute (for both men and women) and bondage. He showed me that he’d been trained to literally beg on his knees, and that he knew about near-death experiences and dissociation. Medical torture included being castrated with a needle, and then told he would be a “girlie” (he knew about aneshesiamasks used to induce narcosis). His ears were injured and his eyes blinded, he was told his brain would be ruined, and, last but not least, he had to suffer water-boarding and spinning.


After that the group of perpetrators celebrated his “birthday” in early summer (even though his actual birthday is in February), on lake Neusiedl, with many representatives of the Austrian establishment elite present. On this occasion, his core personality was completely polyfragmented, as was confirmed by English experts in 2013. Besides the physical torture, he had to bear the heavy burden of the guilt projected onto him by ritual abuse perpetrators, and had to swear oaths to the perpetrators while he was being tortured. He was also subjected to the usual “spiritual” programming, and many other types of programming, exactly as described in the scientific literature. Also, as frequently noted therein, they never left visible signs of injury.


I meticulously described all of this to Austrian courts in detailed reports, as well as describing our lives together before and after my son’s traumatization. First my beloved son became ill and did not recover for weeks, (all the Austrian doctors told me this was “normal” for his age – just starting kindergarten), and then later on his personality would change, suddenly, many times a day. Some of his personalities were even convinced that me, his mom, wanted all that to happen, and some parts were also convinced that it was me who’d done it to him. When I asked him where I would have done it, he answered, totally convinced, “at daddy’s house.” Before this, my little one was very advanced for his age (he knew his ABC’s at 1 ½ years old, and read his first word shortly thereafter), and, more importantly, he’d been thriving, in a home filled with love, confidence and happiness. After the trauma was uncovered, he was certain of one thing: Daddy would continue to perform experiments on him, and there would be no chance of escaping. Daddy would come with the police to get him – he was totally convinced that this would be the only “truth.”


Not knowing anything, at the time, about “trauma-based mind control” and the powerful establishment being allowed to commit such crimes, (with the complicity of powerful politicians) instead of leaving the country immediately with my beloved son, I pleaded with the Austrian authorities to have him examined, thereby effectively asking – without knowing it – the perpetrators and their network for help with my son.


The evidence I have for the trauma-based mind control process, and for my son’s suffering, is overwhelming – not just from the standpoint of a highly concerned mother, but also as an expert researcher. I’ve collected documented evidence (including demonstrably false Austrian court judgments), evidence that connects the beastly torture of Dr. Mengele during the Holocaust to present-day torture in Austria, and evidence of what my son and others have testified to on audiotape. I can show proof of connections between Freemasons of all political backgrounds and religious networks, and last but not least I am able to prove, through pictures and video recordings, that in the beginning my son was one of the happiest children on earth, and then, after being profoundly and repeatedly traumatized through beastly, sadistic torture, under the guise of medical experimentation, he was psychologically shattered. And in spite of all of this, the authorities tell me that my programmed child will receive no justice, that there will not even be a case filed with the courts. Early on, my son’s father, Farrokh Sadegh, took photos and made videotapes of my baby boy, showcasing him to the Austrian elite for their future amusement and gratification: literally fucking and torturing a toddler into an irreversible illness. In other words, into a multiple personality or dissociation disorder in order to then create a mental slave. Meanwhile, I’m not even sure this person is his real father; as is often noted in relevant scientific literature, the powers that be sometimes administer knockout drugs to mask true paternity. My appeals to the courts for a paternity test were totally ignored.


Actually, the strategy Austrian authorities used from the very first day on was to ignore the research and evidence I sent to the courts, which included audiotapes and photos as well as manuscripts, and to misrepresent me as a criminally insane woman in their official judgments. Their strategy also included depriving both me and my son of any legal or medical help. With demonstrably falsified judgments that were so blatant they were nearly embarrassing, they got themselves deeply involved, and risked serious consequences, as even high officials could easily be accused of slavery based on the evidence, an offense that is, at least in Austria, punishable by up to 20 years in prison. To avoid exposure and accountability, I was made out to be a liar, a bitch, a bungler, a perpetrator, a squealer and a lunatic:

This is reminiscent of the times of the Inquisition – the execution of William Wallace, or the defamation of Joan of Arc. Such dire indicators have been, in any era, a sign of political desperation and helplessness. Pedophiles, Satanists/psychopaths, physicians and lawyers, standing shoulder to shoulder in the tradition of the feudal jus primae noctis, ignoring even scientific literature I submitted to Austrian courts, the youth welfare department, and psychiatrists/psychotherapists who were directly involved. Again, the more I was able to prove, the more counter-pressure I was subjected to, in spite of the fact that my only aim was ever and still is to save my son’s life, to be there for him night and day as a mother, and to help him to find his way in life as a survivor of this beastly crime.

The whole case reads like a manual for trauma-based mind control/ritual abuse-torture. It actually began long before I even met my ex-husband, Farrokh Sadegh Eslami; it had been well planned for years. This is evidenced by the fact that all relevant facts were ignored by the prosecution office in Vienna from the first day on, and all the necessary connections were already in place, from individuals to all kinds of (international) institutions and agencies (Bilderberg, the CIA, Corps Diplomatique, etc., with their complicit cadre of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.). And then you have me, a 43 year old feminist, with academic degrees in comparative literature, with a specialization in feminist literature and theory (master’s), and in statistics, with a specialization in market research, who is also a social worker/counselor, who has worked her whole life to be able to finance her studies. A woman who was forcibly separated from her beloved son when she found out too much, too much about certain criminals and their associated networks – mostly by chance, but then confirmed by a former friend, and my son who nearly fainted upon recognizing his perpetrators. Both also told me one thing they both witnessed: There were many more people present than those he recognized and had shown me in pictures.

In spite of my grievances and protests, the corrupt pedophile network was able to grow like a cancerous ulcer day by day, even with me flying to London from Vienna in July of 2013 to get help from experts on trauma-based mind control and ritual abuse (as this crime does not exist, I was told, in Austria). Even today, everything I do seems to only help the pedophile network connect internationally much better, and to help them hide one thing – their true agenda: Austria should be the new pedophile Mecca, Austria should become the new manufacturer of many more trauma-based mind control child slaves. Austria never stopped supporting the beastly research of Dr. Mengele, and Austria can count on its own population, as what they are willing to accept was proven during the Holocaust. Austrians still unabashedly regard child abuse as a trivial offense, for the simple reason expressed in the old adage, the inherent guarantee of impunity for trauma-based mind control slavery: “If there is no prosecutor, there will be no judge.”


Having learned so much about this type of systemic abuse, the insidious modus operandi of these networks, and the trauma-based mind control procedures (which have been officially documented) and having discovered the reams of scientific literature that exist internationally on this topic, I want to share my research results, especially within the German speaking countries (where this crime is nearly unknown), to help my son and other children. In every government there is a demand for slave-soldiers, willing to do anything, ideally without remembering anything afterwards, as has been documented in films like The Manchurian Candidate and Bourne Identity, and in books like The Trance Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien.


The end results of having been programmed to be a slave are interesting: even some Hollywood actors and pop stars are said to have received this “treatment,” as has been documented, for example, at, ignoring the incredible sufferings these slaves had to go through since their early childhood, the precise methods of torture dependent on the type of programming they had, which kind of slave was desired, etc., which is described in detail on or on


English speaking researchers have been writing about this topic for decades, like Fritz Springmeier/Cisco Wheeler, David Icke, Alex Jones and even US senators such as Nancy Schaeffer and John DeCamp. Only one question remains: How is it that the western world, a world that would give shelter to refugees from thirdworld countries, could allow such crimes to be committed within the European community, behaving worse than in Nazi times? These atrocities committed against individual people are more monstrous than those committed against groups of people, as the crimes remain invisible, and isolate the victims, facilitating their utter annihilation.


According to Fritz Springmeier, a whistleblower who has served jail time on false charges:

There are many dangers to the human race, some real and some imagined. I believe that the trauma-based mind control…is the greatest danger to the human race. It gives evil men the power to carry out any evil deeds totally undetected. Over the years, I have spent thousands of hours studying the Illuminati, the Intelligence agencies of the world, and the occult world in general. The centerpiece of these organizations is the trauma-based mind control that they carry out. Without the ability to carry out this sophisticated type of mind-control using MPD (multiple personality disorder), drugs, hypnosis and electronics and other control methodologies, these organizations would fail to keep their dark evil deeds secret.


As I predicted four years ago, in writing, to the prosecution office in Vienna, when I still had my beloved, highly traumatized son with me and was pleading for examinations, the only option this clique had, as a defensive strategy, was to claim that I’m insane and that it was me who caused all my son’s injuries. In this way the Freemasonic perpetrators, with their intrinsic media, political and military power, could present themselves as the rescuers. I also predicted that the perpetrators would present themselves as “victims,” and “do-gooders,” as human beings compelled to change society for the better (after having profited enormously from their crimes – better jobs, salaries, status, etc.). English experts told me that it’s even possible they could be using my son to blackmail other people into becoming members, or committing crimes for them, by using proof that they were involved in sadistic rituals with him.The Austrian authorities never even allowed me and my son to be temporarily accommodated in supervised housing, to give authorities the chance to see how traumatized my son is, how highly adept I am at dealing with my tortured little one, how much love and nurturing he got from me as we began the process of healing. This would have been too threatening for the perpetrators. I even asked the courts many times to officially charge me, so that at least my beloved son could get therapeutic help and begin to heal but even this represented too big a threat to them. They were already aware of the fact that trauma-based mind control, the development of multiple personality disorder, is irreversible, without years and years of therapeutic work and that this kind of crime is almost never committed by a single person. So, authorities and their officials even falsified the reports of the supervised meetings we were allowed to have, which, again, I can prove with audiotapes, and even the youth welfare department demonstrably falsified their reports, even mocking, in writing, the injuries my son suffered instead of helping him. Reading their scornful words about my son’s suffering, especially after having separated us, was breaking my heart over and over. Their message to me was clear: As long as you keep talking, we will torture your beloved son, and we’ll make it look like it’s officially sanctioned.

Because I’ve mentioned the names of the perpetrators and am able to prove they’re connected to this international pedophile/ritual abuse/trauma-based mind control network, I now, naturally, face more and more retaliatory pressure. Already even my own family has threatened me, mocking and even laughing at my son’s post-traumatic flashbacks. I’ve been told: “If you dare to mention the names of the powerful people in the group, we will have you committed to a psychiatric asylum. You, for the first time in your life, have to shut up and crawl.” I also received death threats – that I would die either “instantaneously,” “by cancer,” “by a car accident,” through “psychiatric treatment” or by the use of “invisible weapons.” The same, I was told, could happen to my beloved son.

But to not reveal the names would be a betrayal to my son, as well as to all the other young children and their beloved parents getting “soul-murdered” by trauma-based mind control and ritual abuse, a betrayal to the principles of humanity. Not to stand up against this complete lack of empathy would make me a perpetrator as well; my silence would amount to complicity with the pedophile establishment – the alliance of Austrian Freemasons and their international “brotherhoods,” and would, in effect, condone their “scientific research” for military purposes and their Satanic/psychopathic rituals.

My son is still being tortured and programmed to protect the perpetrators and their establishment. I still have no access to any legal help at all, and have been told that everyone fears this powerful network too much to come to my aid. Without legal help, I have no way to regain custody of my beloved son, to protect him from the ongoing torture, to help him heal, to support and nurture him, to give him the love of his beloved mother. This is an unmitigated nightmare.

In Germany and Austria, people who talk about these things are generally imprisoned or sent to psychiatric asylums. Nevertheless, a few of them do write about the political context of such cases, as they do in America. In the UK, as I observed first-hand, they’re aggressively taking on some of these networks, as in the case of Jimmy Savile and his cohorts. But usually they only prosecute isolated individuals, and only posthumously or not until they’re very old, as in the case of “Rolf” and his friends. They’re willing to investigate and officially expose some of these crimes, but decades, 20-40 years, after the fact. Only then will they publicly acknowledge the political context of these crimes, the fact that their organizations are made up of people from all parties, religious groups and judiciary systems. Meanwhile, cases involving young children are still ignored. Take the case of the Italian woman who got a caesarean on the basis of a weak and vague report about alleged mental health problems, and then being told afterwards that her baby would be given up for adoption. The universal strategy seems to be silencing witnesses and victims (even most help centers seem to be operating under a gag order when it comes to trauma-based mind control, or even infiltrated), and using character assassination, in the tradition of manus manum lavat.

A large number of the Austrian perpetrators I came across were abused as toddlers/children themselves, which is not surprising – without truth there can be no healing. And as long as it’s too socially shaming (especially) for men, and as long it’s too dangerous (especially) for women to shout out the truth about what they had to suffer in their childhood, they can find neither peace nor healing. As has quite often been observed over the last few years, even in the mainstream media, you can’t tell who is or isn’t a Satanist or psychopath, they look just like us. They can only be identified by their deeds: character assassination within their private or official networks, scapegoating outsiders, or using blackmail, often enjoying powerful positions to make themselves more and more untouchable in terms of accountability. They are also extremely adept at presenting themselves as do-gooders, even victims.

As Heath Ledger, an alleged trauma-based mind control victim himself, said as his last line in the film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus as well as his last line as an actor: “Don’t shoot the messenger.”


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liber al vel legis

“There is no law beyond

Do what thou wilt.

Es gibt kein Gesetz außerhalb

Tu was Du willst.”

Liber al vel legis, Aleister Crowley


Während der letzten neun Monate, die ich mit meinem Sohn vorerst noch verbringen durfte, habe ich fieberhaft nach archaischen „Motiven“ gesucht in der Weltgeschichte, in der „Kindsopferungen“, „Tötungen von Müttern und Kindern“ stattfinden: Monate später ist mir aufgefallen, dass vor lauter stattfindenden „Kindsopferungen“ und „Abschlachten von Müttern und Frauen“ kein Bewusstsein da ist, selbst bei mir nicht, zu vieles durch den Begriff „Missbrauch“ oder „child abuse“ samt Psychologenschaft, in Österreich allen voran Prof. Dr. Max Friedrich, der in allen Fällen von extremen Kindesmissbrauch vor oder hinter den Kulissen als Kinderpsychiater auftaucht, vernebelt wird und wurde.

Auch habe ich niemals Mütter in den antiken Sagen verstanden, die ihre Kinder umgebracht haben, anstelle sie dem Feind auszuliefern, die ihre Kinder bei anderen Familien versteckt haben oder verstecken ließen, nur um diese geliebten Kinder in Sicherheit aufwachsen zu sehen. Oder die mit Blausäure vergifteten Kinder der Nazielite vor dem Fall des 3. Reiches.

Mit Schrecken habe ich festgestellt, dass im ebenfalls oft zitierten „Malleus Maleficarium“, also dem „Hexenhammer“, es hauptsächlich um Kindsopferungen geht, also um Hexen, also Frauen, also Mütter, die die Kinder opfern (würden). Als ich dann in Colin A. Ross´ Buch „Satanic Ritual Abuse“ auch noch ein Zitat aus Siegmund Freuds Briefen an Wilhelm Fließ vom 24 Jänner 1897 entdeckt habe, wo er schreibt „I dream, therefore, of a primeval devil religion with rites that are carried on secretly, and understand the harsh therapy of the witch´s judges. Connecting links abound.“, was immer mehr erklärt, warum Freud´s Briefwechsel bis 2060 unter Verschluss ist und nicht einsehbar oder publiziert werden darf, was auch die Österreichische Infrastruktur zu diesem Forschungsbereich erklärt, wurde mir klar, das diese Verbrechen, also ritual abuse bereits seit Menschengedenken begangen werden.

Das Verbrechen der Kindsopferung, des rituellen Missbrauchs an sich ist also seit Jahrtausenden bekannt und wird spätestens seit Dr. Mengele offiziell erforscht, inoffiziell offensichtlich in den westlichen Disziplinen, seit Sigmund Freud.

Herauszufinden, was der Reiz bei diesem Missbrauch, bei diesen Ritualen ist, war das Leichteste (die wenigsten innerhalb der Tätergruppen bei „rituellen Missbrauch“ sind nämlich pädophil oder satanistisch), Fachliteratur dazu zu finden ist nach wie vor am Schwierigsten, um mit einer guten Seele zu sprechen „Du stellst mich vor Sachen von denen ich nie etwas hörte und so schlimm habe ich auch noch nie denken gekonnt“: Es geht den meisten nämlich dabei – neben „Mutproben“ und „Loyalitätsbeweisen“ vor allem um Schuldübernahmerituale:

Stellen Sie sich vor, ähnlich wie im Hollywoodfilm „Das Kabinett des Doktor Parnassus“, wo Heath Ledger – es wird davon ausgegangen, auch er war einer der tausenden trauma based mind control slaves Hollywoods – in seiner letzten Rolle als Schauspieler (sein letzter Satz als Schauspieler, war übrigens im selben Film „Do not shoot the messenger“), die gelangweilten aber enorm reichen Damen des Establishments ins Kabinett geladen hat, die lediglich die Grenze zwischen Gut und Böse überschreiten haben müssen, um subjektives unendliches Glück für sich selbst zu finden: Genau nach diesem Prinzip wirken Schuldübernahmerituale bei ritual abuse, also rituellen Mißbrauch: Keine Bildung, keine Aufarbeitung der eigenen Kindheit, kein Auflehnen gegen Missstände, keine Krankheiten mehr, kein Auseinandersetzen mit der eigenen co-Abhängigkeitsproblematik: Einfach all das was Sie belastet wird in die Seele der hochtraumatisierten (Kleinst)Kinder (rituell versteht sich) gestopft, die willig im Schock unter Folter alles übernehmen, Ihnen ihre eigene Kraft statt dessen übergeben, Sie selbst „frei“ und „beschwingt“ sind, während diese Kinder nicht nur ein Leben sondern mehrere Leben daran zu tragen haben. Danach wird die Psyche dieser Kinder mitunter über “Rädern” polyfragmentiert, das heißt die Kinder werden sich niemals an etwas erinnern (können), alles festlich – als Initiation – inszeniert. Durch die bei den Ritualen anwesenden hochkarätigen Personen aus dem Establishment (Justiz, Wirtschaft, Psychologie, Ärzteschaft) erhalten Sie danach auch noch materielle Vorteile, als auch diese Rituale eingebettet sind in spirituelle Rahmen, da Ihnen erklärt wird, dieses Kind hätte es verdient, es hätte in einem vorigem Leben unendlich viel Böses getan oder, falls Sie nicht dafür anfällig sind, wird Ihnen Glauben gemacht, Sie würden damit eine höhere spirituelle Ebene oder Gesundheit für sich und Ihre Familie erreichen. Es funktioniert erschreckenderweise.

PsychologInnen und PsychiaterInnen möchten diesen Effekt natürlich wissenschaftlich erforschen, selbstredend zum Wohle aller, wer es glaubt, und wird jeden der darüber redet oder schreibt pathologisieren und kriminalisieren.

Aber zurück zu den Anfängen:

Die Fachliteratur (z.B. Michaela Huber im deutschsprachigen Raum) als auch Whistleblower, angefangen bei John Todd, Arizona Wilder oder Svali sind sich darüber einig, dass die Rituale von größter Bedeutung sind, und, immer wenn man in der Geschichte ein Zeitalter des Okkultismus, oder „New Age“ Zeitalter – wie heute noch – hat, steigert sich die Bereitschaft „Kindsopferungen“ zuzulassen, da diese Gruppen mit (geheimen) Initiationen arbeiten oder den TeilnehmerInnen das Gefühl geben, an einer (geheimer) Initiation teilzunehmen. Hierfür ein Wegbereiter im Mainstreambewusstsein – absichtlich oder unabsichtlich – ist der von mir hoch geschätzte Weltbestsellerautor Paolo Coehlo, der selbst eingesteht in jungen Jahren seine Lebensgefährtin gefoltert zu haben, offen darüber berichtet in seiner Kindheit in Psychiatrien mit Elektroschocks „behandelt“ worden zu sein, jedes seiner Bücher das Thema Logen, Spiritualität, Initiation beinhaltet. John Todd berichtet aus den 60er Jahren, dass jede „New-Age-Interessentin/Hexe“ 1.000 Dollar Wert war, und unterstreicht Michaela Hubers Ausführungen als Psychologin, dass nur in diesem New Age Umfeld das Interesse an diesen „okkulten, menschenverachtenden“ Praktiken bei breiteren Gesellschaftsschichten da ist, wie wichtig es ist, diese Praktiken für breitere Gesellschaftsschichten salonfähig zu machen und bezieht sich auch auf die spirituellen Zirkel im deutschsprachigen Raum weit vor der letzten Jahrhundertwende, die wiederum der Nährboden für das okkulte Gedankengut der Nationalsozialisten samt seinen medizinischen und psychologischen Experimenten wurde, und wissenschaftlich an Universitäten in deutschsprachigen Ländern bereits aufgearbeitet worden ist, also umfassend dokumentiert ist, mit Verbindungen bis nach Tibet. Arizona Wilder als ehemalige Psy-Agentin/Illuminati Godess oder die Doppelakademikerin „Svali“, als Illuminati-Programmiererin beschreiben diese Zusammenhänge noch detaillierter, nicht zuletzt der englische Satanist Aleister Crowley, als auch der Anthropologe Carlos Castaneda.

Hier die Essenz:

  1. Das Energiefeld von Kindern ist das „reinste“. Die Energie von blonden intelligenten (männlichen) Kindern (nach Crowley) gibt die meiste Kraft her, während man diese Kinder zerstört.
  2. Diese Energie führt zu bewusstseinserweiternden Erlebnissen […], also dient dem „spirituellem Aufstieg“. […]
  3. In dem durch Trauma herbeigeführten dissoziiertem Zustand, in dem sich die Kinder während dieser Opferungen befinden sind sie bereit, alle Schuld, also auch die der Täter und Täterinnen, auf sich zu nehmen. Man kennt diese Rituale mit Opfertieren aus der muslimischen und jüdischen Kultur, die jetzt im April wieder bevorstehen, als auch bei Menschen – in der christlichen Tradition bei Jesus Christus: Auch mein Sohn hatte – nach unserer Trennung – eine tiefe Fleischwunde an einem seiner Füße (am Rist), bereits zuvor hatten mir „trojanische Pferde“ wie Gudrun Hohenberger-Zwettler und Mag. Walter Klocker die Erzählungen meines Sohnes bestätigt: Er hat alle Schuld auf sich nehmen müssen.
  4. Noch grausamer, da nahezu unvorstellbar und unbekannt, daher auch leicht zu belächeln ist das „Stehlen der Seele durch Ritualmord“. So wird vermutet, dass Lady Dianas Seele „gestohlen“ worden ist, genauso wie die einiger bekannten Stars durch Ritualmorde, wie zuletzt bei Peaches Geldorf in England sehr offensichtlich, von anderen Unbekannten weiß man natürlich nichts. Bis auf das Motiv der Weltliteratur, „der Geist in Flasche“ scheint in unserer westlichen Welt wenig darüber bekannt zu sein. Zumindest offiziell nicht. […]
  5. Diese Rituale können soweit gehen, und ist auch bei Dr. Joseph Mengele bekannt geworden, dass die Satanisten/Psychopaten in Ihrer Rolle als ÄrztInnen Kindern/Erwachsenen langsam einen Körperteil nach dem anderen über Amputation entfernen. Laut Kerth Barker ( gibt es innerhalb der Illuminati, Filme in denen diese Verbrechen gezeigt werden, meist ohne Narkose, mit Fokus auch auf die Augen der Verstümmelten, ihre stumme Verzweiflung während der Amputation aufzeigend. Gezeigt werden diese Filme, um andere zum Schweigen, besser noch zum vorauseilenden Gehorsam zu bringen. Auch über diesen Teil des satanischen/psychopathischen Okkultismus ist wenig bekannt. Bestenfalls wird das Vorhandensein einer solchen Vorgangsweise Kannibalen und primitiven Völkern unterstellt, sicher nicht gutgenährten, gutgelaunten und braungebrannten westlichen Ärzten und Ärztinnen, die eben befreit von aller Schuld vor Kameras treten und Empathie heucheln.

Naturgemäß wird in unserer westlichen vermeintlich wissenschaftlichen Welt darüber gelächelt, man schüttelt den Kopf, während man sich im Verborgenen dafür anstellt, bei solchen Ritualen teilnehmen zu dürfen: Glaubt man an Karma, an Wiedergeburt oder an Himmel oder Hölle wird die Dimension der Schuldübernahmerituale ersichtlich und erklärt auch, warum die Täter und Täterinnen solcher Verbrechen mit strahlender Aura und durch und durch als Gutmenschen dastehen, während die Opfer deren Karma tragen und ist auch nach David Icke der Zement, der dieses satanische Prinzip zum „perpetuum mobile des Bösen“ hat werden lassen, da die Opfer in diesem Kreislauf zu Täter werden müssen.

Vertreter der Disziplinen, die sich am Vehementesten dagegen verwehren, haben das größte mitunter wissenschaftliche Interesse an solchen „Experimenten“ sind naturgemäß ÄrztInnen und PsychologInnen. Bei meinem Sohn beteiligte Einrichtungen waren das ÖAS (Österreichische Institut für Systemische Familientherapie oder das Institut Kutschera samt den meisten seiner TrainerInnnen), als auch die ÄrztInnen Prof. DDr. Gustav Barl, Prof. Dr. Scheer, Prof. DDr. Tepper, Dr. Irene Kratky, um nur einige zu nennen. Dr. Gundl Kutschera, samt Ihrem Institut, das sie mit Ihrer Tochter, Stefanie Erker-Kutschera, selbst ein trauma based mind control slave, führt, scheint in Österreich das Wissens-Know-How für diese spirituellen Programmierungen zu liefern, hat doch Dr. Gundl Kutschera im Chicago der 70er und 80er Jahre Ihr „Handwerk“ erlernt, dabei ihre spastisch gelähmt geborene Tochter dieser Behandlung zugeführt:

Die Brutalität mit der mein damals 2 ½ bis 3jähriger Sohn von Hilfseinrichtungen und Ärzten im Stich gelassen worden ist, ignoriert worden ist, auch in meiner Gegenwart spricht (leider unsichtbare) Bände über das Resultat dieser spirituellen Übertragungen, da der Wirbel um mich nur davon ablenken soll und sollte, um mit diesem geliebten Kind und anderen Kindern weitere psychopatische/satanistische Experimente durchzuführen und ist keine Entschuldigung dafür, wie eben der Kleine behandelt worden ist. Durch die Schuldübernahmen werden die Opfer zu „Sündenböcken“, für die es kein Erbarmen gibt, auch wenn sie gerade 2 ½ Jahre alt sind.

Satanisten wissen also darüber Bescheid, wie man spirituelle Gesetze aufheben kann, das Wissen wie man diese Gelübde auflöst, ist verschollen, zumindest konnte ich – außer christliche Gebete – noch keine Hinweise zur Auflösung finden. Mutige ReligionswissenschaftlerInnen beginnen ebenfalls gerade, sich diesem Thema zu widmen, also darüber auch in der Öffentlichkeit zu schreiben.

Durch das Abwandern in mentale „lichtvolle Zustände“ (Reiki, Heiler, Schamanismus, NLP, etc.), bei allem Respekt davor, kann leicht ein hochgefährliches Konzentrat entstehen, da dort den „Suchenden“ unendlich Menschenunwürdiges eingebläut wird: Von karmischer Schuld bis zur Überlegenheit der eigenen „Rasse/Glaubensgemschaft“, bis zur „Subjektwerdung durch TäterInnenschaft“, etc.: Satanisten verstehen es, spirituelle Gesetze zu verändern, also umzudrehen, das heißt es gibt in dem Sinn kein (unverfälschtes) Karma als auch schon gar keine Überlegenheit von irgend jemanden. Auch ein Warten auf die in esoterischen Kreisen oftmals propagierte „Dritte Macht“ (man kann nur hoffen, das sie existiert) oder einen neuen “Messias” scheint nicht hilfreich oder ratsam zu sein, geht es dabei wieder darum, die eigene Verantwortung auf jemand anderen abzuwälzen. Daher warnt auch John Todd davor, sich dieser Mittel zu bedienen und hebt hervor, das Satanisten sich – von Kindesbeinen an – täglich 4-8 Stunden mit okkulten Techniken beschäftigen, ihre Gebete sprechen, Beeinflussungstechniken erlernen, etc. und wundert sich, wie oberflächlich und hastig wir – falls überhaupt – beten und empfiehlt, wie die meisten der ehemaligen Illuminati, sich an Jesus Christus zu orientieren.

Vor allem weist die Psychologin Ellen Lacter auf Ihrer Webseite im Detail darauf hin, wie wichtig die satanische Komponente bei trauma based mind control ist, wie eng miteinander verbunden also ritual abuse und trauma based mind control sind und unterscheidet sogar “Satanism” und “witchcraft”.

Whistle-Blower wie David Icke, Fritz Springmeier oder Arizona Wilder gehen noch weiter und erklären, wie damit satanische Familien seit Jahrtausenden oder Jahrhunderten bestehen und ihre Macht immer weiter ausbauen können und wird auch von „Svali“ bestätigt, während die Techniken dazu ebenfalls meist vollständig im Verborgenen liegen.

Aber zurück zur gerade der Whistle-Blowerin und ehemaligen Programmiererin, die auch Einzug in die akademische Welt der trauma based mind control Literatur gefunden hat, als zweifache Akademikerin: Svali.

Sie beschreibt nicht nur detailliert, wie die spirituelle Programmierung mit „satanischen“ Entitäten funktioniert [ich verstehe und respektiere jeglichen Unglauben, hätte ich meinen eigenen Sohn nicht mit komplett schwarzen Augen in einer seiner unterschiedlichen Persönlichkeiten gesehen, ich würde es auch nicht glauben], sondern viel wichtiger in trauma based mind control Fällen, sie erklärt, dass diese Art der Beeinflussung von Energien dazu führen, dass man keine äußerlichen Verletzungen an den Kindern nach den Ritualen sehen kann, was fatal ist, da diese schweren Wunden innerhalb von Minuten geheilt werden können:

So habe ich über ein halbes Jahr lang immer ein müdes, komplett durcheinander gebrachtes Kind nach den samstäglichen Besuch zurückerhalten, das immer weniger gesprochen hat, habe selbst aber bis auf wenige Ausnahmen niemals eine Verletzung gesehen.

Jeder der das Glück hat, Ganzheitsmedizin nutzen zu können, also alternative Behandlungsmethoden, merkt schnell, dass die westliche Schulmedizin wenig kann: Chronische Krankheiten werden solange mit Medikamenten behandelt, kommt es zu keiner Besserung werden dem Patienten Pillen gegen Schmerzen oder gerne auch gegen Depressionen verschrieben, während im Hintergrund, ähnlich wie in der Psychiatrie (die einzige Disziplin, die seit über 150 Jahren offiziell keinen Fortschritt gemacht haben will) weitaus mehr an Forschung praktiziert wird und Erfolge zu feiern sind, eben nur nicht für jedermann, wie mittlerweile seit Jahren auch in den Medien vermutet und berichtet.

Krankheiten, die in der Schulmedizin Jahrzehnte nicht geheilt werden können, können bei Ganzheitsmedizinern, Akupunkteuren oder „Heilern“ in einer einzigen Sitzung für immer geheilt sein.

Wer erlebt hat, wie eine hochallergische Person innerhalb von 20 Minuten allergiefrei war oder wie Leute mit jahrzehntelangen chronischen Krankheiten nach einer Stunde für immer davon befreit waren, weiß um diese Möglichkeiten.

Bevor also mein geliebter Sohn retourgebracht worden ist, wurde an ihm diese „Heilungsarbeit“ durchgeführt, bestens bekannt und bereits praktiziert im Institut Kutschera, um die Wunden verschwinden zu lassen, während ich im Kreis gelaufen bin als mehr als besorgte Mama.

Wer zu laut über diese Heilungstechniken spricht, wird naturgemäß ebenso für verrückt erklärt, es werden Geschichten über (tatsächliche) Scharlatane veröffentlicht, während das Establishment schon lange keine ÄrztInnen mehr aufsucht, sondern sich ganzheitsmedizinische Behandlungen einfach kauft, Österreichische Versicherungen bereits verstanden haben, das sich diese Verfahren auf die Leistungsfähigkeit ihrer Versicherungsnehmer auswirkt und diese Dienstleistungen bereits vergüten.

Zurück allerdings zu den tapferen Opfern, (Kleinst)Kinder die ihre Energie, ihre Substanz für ebendiese Forschungen und Satanischen Rituale hergeben müssen, auch im spirituellen Sinn: Während man vitale und gutgelaunte Täter und Täterinnen in den Medien präsentiert bekommt und wahrnehmen kann, werden immer mehr Fälle von „ritual abuse“, trauma based mind control oder sexuellen Missbrauch bekannt. Seit sich etliche Institutionen diesem Thema angenommen haben, ist es in den Medien noch ruhiger geworden, während diese scheinbar dazu übergegangen sind, Einzelfälle zu verhandeln anstelle Aufklärung zu fordern, was wiederum fatal für die Bevölkerung ist, da nur durch schonungslose Aufklärung ein Bewusstsein für diese entmenschlichten Gräuel, die an Kindern in der Nachbarschaft begangen werden geschaffen werden kann, diese aufgehalten werden können.

Während also momentan in der westlichen Welt die katholische Kirche als “kindesmissbrauchender Sündenbock” von allen Institutionen und Staaten angeprangert wird, dabei in der Öffentlichkeit vor allem den Eindruck erwecken will, man ließe so etwas nicht zu, werden weiterhin Kinder physisch, psychisch und spirituell abgeschlachtet: Ein derartiger Machtmissbrauch muß von etlichen Mächtigen gemeinsam getragen werden, da er sonst nicht durchführbar wäre ohne aufgedeckt zu werden.

Dadurch vertraut die Bevölkerung einerseits den durch und durch infiltrierten Hilfseinrichtungen, andererseits gibt man die Verantwortung automatisch an vermeintliche ExpertInnen mit Kurzzeitausbildungen ab, also an Kindergärten, Schulen, Jugendzentren, und Familienämtern ab, nicht ahnend, dass wirkliche Kindsopferungen und trauma based mind control eben nur mit Hilfe und mit Erlaubnis von Staaten durchgeführt werden kann: ÄrztInnen, PsychologInnen, PsychiaterInnen, LehrerInnen, Kindergärten, JuristInnen, Amtsorgane, nicht zuletzt PolitikerInnen wie internationale Hilfseinrichtungen müssen diese Verbrechen zulassen, müssen die Aufklärung verhindern, wie bei meinem Sohn und mir in Österreich ersichtlich, um jeden Preis, während hochbezahlte ÄrztInnen und PsychiaterInnen der Republik nicht einmal etwas über diese Art von Verbrechen zu wissen vorgeben, diese zeitgleich das bereits verworfene Konzept von „Münchhausen nach Proxy“ in den Medien breit treten, um Eltern, vor allem Mütter als Zeugen und Zeuginnen unschädlich zu machen, wie Prof. Max. Friedrich in einer ORF-Dokumentation im Jahre 2008 durchgeführt. [1]

Anstelle endlich – wie im mutigen Dogma Film „Festen“ – endlich Missbrauch an männlichen Kindern zu thematisieren, denen im Erwachsenenleben später wenig übrig bleibt als immer und immer versucht zu sein, diese selbst erlebte Ohnmacht an Kinder durch sexuellen Missbrauch zurückzugeben (die Psychologenschaft schweigt sich darüber aus und versucht missbrauchende Mütter in den Vordergrund zu rücken, was alleine technisch seltsam anmutet und pädophil-pornographischen Männerphantasien zugrunde liegen scheint) wird dieser Umstand ausgeschwiegen, interessanterweise erhalten ehemalige Opfer hochkarätige Positionen, „the pedofiles are getting blackmailed from the satanists“ wie man in der auf dieses Thema spezialisierten Psychologenszene durchaus Bescheid weiß. Und verwundert mich nicht der extrem hohe Anteil an mir bekannten Personen, die selbst als Buben missbraucht worden sind, die bei dem rituellen Missbrauchs meines Sohnes anwesend waren.

Der einzige mir bekannte Weg, diesem Dilemma entgegenzuwirken ist „rückhaltslose Aufklärung“, das heißt die – mitunter durch und durch geschmacklose – Wahrheit auszusprechen, denn die Wahrheit ist immer stärker als die Lüge, die Wahrheit ist immer sie selbst und kann nicht verbogen werden, wenngleich sie auch unterdrückt werden kann, ist sie doch stärker und löst meiner Meinung nach besser als sämtliche mir bekannte Gebete, die Schwüre und Schuldübertragungsrituale auf.

Selbstverständlich muss man dafür die Konsequenzen tragen, in einer Gesellschaft, in der es mehr und mehr ein revolutionärer Akt ist, die Wahrheit auszusprechen, Dinge zu hinterfragen, ohne sich ausschließlich auf vermeintliche „ExpertInnen“ zu verlassen.

Deshalb muss die Wahrheit um jeden Preis, koste es was es wolle, unterdrückt werden: Oberstes Prinzip der neuen Weltordnung ist neben der Infiltration, die Lüge, also das Gegenteil der Wahrheit, und um mit Malcolm X zu sprechen: „If you´re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing”.

Glaubt man den Aussagen des australischen Satanisten in seinen Sterbebekenntnissen über die neue Weltordnung:

„Their structure will be hierarchic, with the Satanic caste at the top and outright slavery at the bottom, and the crushing out of liberty would exceed anything the world has yet seen. Within each state the necessary psychological atmosphere will be maintained by a complete severance from the outside world, and by a continuous phoney war against rival states. Civilizations of this type will remain stable for thousands of years. Have no fear!“,

dann sollte man auch eines Bedenken: Der Kampf zwischen Gut und Böse ist diesmal in seiner archaisch möglichsten Form präsent: Es gibt diesmal keine Gruppen auf die man sich verlassen kann, also weder schwarz, weiß oder gelbe Hautfarbe zu haben ist ein Indiz für das eine noch für das andere, noch eine etwaige Gruppenzugehörigkeit über Religionsbekenntnisse oder Opfergruppen, noch über Uniformen und Abzeichen. Jeder und jede Einzelne scheint diesmal persönlich für seine und ihre Handlungen verantwortlich zu sein und mitbeteiligt am Ausgang dieses wahrscheinlich wirklich letzten Kampfes, da diese Dinge zeitgleich weltweit passieren.

Um hier noch einmal Fritz Springmeier aus den 90er Jahren zu zitieren:

„There are many dangers to the human race, some real and some imagined. I believe that the trauma based mind control … is the greatest danger to the human race. It gives evil men the power to carry out any evil deeds totally undetected. Over the years, I have spent thousands of hours studying the Illuminati, the Intelligence agencies of the world, and the occult world in general. The centerpiece of these organizations is the trauma-based mind control that they carry out. Without the ability to carry out this sophisticated type of mind-control using MPD (multiple personality disorder), drugs, hypnosis and electronics and other control methodologies, these organizations would fail to keep their dark evil deeds secret.”

Wenn eine Gesellschaft, nicht mehr bereit ist ihre Kinder zu schützen, akzeptiert, dass Kinder nicht nur sexuell, sondern auch spirituell benutzt werden, Zeugen pathologisiert und kriminalisiert, Mütter systematisch ausschaltet, sämtliche Menschenrechte als auch Zivilgesetze außer Acht lässt, und eingebettet in Gruppen, innerhalb der New World Order, damit Geld auf dem Rücken dieser Kinder verdienen darf, dann ist es (wahrscheinlich) ohnehin zu spät.

Auch bleibt abzuwarten, ab wann obige Personen aus ebendiesen Kreisen bald auch in Österreich zu den Spezialisten in Sachen trauma based mind control und rituellem Missbrauch werden, da die TäterInnen immer gerne als „HelferInnen“ vor allem aber als „Spezialisten“ auftreten, was ohnehin die bestmögliche Tarnung darstellt, nach dem bewährten Problem-Solution-Reaction Schema [vergleiche „Die neue Welt“] auf dem auch die Transaktionsanalyse basiert und in der Dr. Gundl Kutschera ebenfalls eine jahrelange Ausbildung hat: Kurzum, auch wie oftmals an die Behörden in Österreich geschrieben, werden genau diese Personen sich dem Thema bald wissenschaftlich – offiziell annehmen – um in der Öffentlichkeit als „Helfer und Helferinnen“ dazustehen, während sich in Österreich niemand fragen möchte (derzeit noch), wie es zu dieser Verdichtungskette an Umständen gekommen ist, auch anhand welcher Probanden, also kindliche Versuchskaninchen, diese Studien erstellt werden konnten.



[1] Prof. Dr. Max Friedrich hat auch im Jahre 2008 in einer ORF-Dokumentation das in England bereits längst wieder verworfene Konzept von „Münchhausen nach Proxi“ hier in Österreich wiederbelebt, das interessanterweise, obwohl es sich als falsch herausgestellt hat, den meisten Mütter zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt doch Recht gegeben worden ist, bei ihrer Vermutung, ihre Kinder wären missbraucht worden, der englische Gutachter Dr. Meadow fast seine Lizenz verloren hätte.


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