About me

Mummy, master’s degree in philosophy, trainer, coach, counselor, speaker, MK ultra survivor.


Born 1971, Graz, Styria, Austria

1990: Gymnasium (A-Level)

1992: College for Tourism

1998: Master in Comparative Literature & German

2003: Academically certified market and opinion pollster

2007: Coach, Trainer, Social Councilor

2009: Mum of my beloved son “Luki” Dara Rubens Sadegh

2014: Founder and leader of network against torture on toddlers and children, www.traumabasedmindcontrol.com, dedicated to my son Dara Rubens Sadegh


Languages: A-level in English, Latin, Italian, French; basic knowledge of Norwegian.


Specialized on:

severe chronic abuse

(satanic/sadistic) ritual abuse

trauma-based mind control programmings

Signs and symptoms of severe chronic abuse, SRA, trauma-based mind control on toddlers and children

trauma and trigger(chains)

Identification of survivors – even as adults

Targeted individuals


How to Support yourself

Modus operandi of These crimes under governmental protection




If you appreciated my work here or on social media, please consider showing your support through a small (monthly) donation over Paypal: Hosting Fees, Court Fees, while being targeted – which causes by far the highest costs – and to hold this network simultaneously is the most expensive thing I have ever done. Thank you.

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