Sadegh Case Cover-Up


In the Sadegh case, all the evidence submitted since 2011 by the humanitarian and social scientist and mother Andrea Sadegh M.A. concerning the horrendous flashbacks suffered by her then two-and-a-half-year-old son Dara Rubens Sadegh (born 20.02.2009), which in expert circles present undoubted and unambiguous indications of SRA (satanic/sadistic) ritual abuse and trauma based mind control / MK Ultra, have been ignored, watered down and ridiculed by the Austrian judiciary, as these crimes, which are often committed in the course of human experiments conducted by medical doctors and protected by the secret services, do not officially exist in Austria.

The reports and accounts outlined by Andrea Sadegh since 2011 – which were sent in writing to the Local Court of BG Hernals/Vienna, Judge MMag. Konrad Kubiczek and also the public prosecutor’s office of Vienna, prosecution officer Mag. Petra Freh, and also the police department of Wattgasse/Vienna, Manfred Miksits, and others – contained reports ranging from physical violence and rapes to ritual violence and waterboarding. In detail, these involved: rapes (oral and anal), the hunting of the child, use of drugs, use of medical torture (experiments with light, loud noises, destruction of the inner genitals, drilling/piercing the tooth root), ridicule & mockery (being laughed at during the torture), being buried alive, being subjected to waterboarding, spinning, heat and cold (e.g. forced to wear a ski suit in summer), working as a child prostitute (ballet dress, swimming trunks, makeup, high-heeled shoes, customers, money), being conditioned using torture (the child repeatedly hits himself on the head with one hand, while pulling his hair with the other and practises “looking happy” and “laughing” by saying “ha ha”, while his carotid artery is visible over his entire neck as he tries to grin), sudden changes of personality, vows, pledges, oaths (satanic components) and near-death experiences: in sum, the then two-and-a-half-year-old victim reported physical, psychic, spiritual and mental abuse. Subsequently, even after the Austrian government took custody of the child, there were further signs of torture after 2012, as well as sensory deprivation programming in 2015, all of which became unmistakably evident during the supervised visits of the mother, Andrea Sadegh, to her son, and were brought to court even then – without success.

This kind of torture is known in the specialist literature as “ritual abuse” and also as “trauma-based mind control” or “MK-Ultra”. This crime, which, due to the horrendous lifelong injuries of the children, can only be carried out under state protection, is defined by one expert as follows: “Ritual abuse can be defined as a wide variety of very different crimes, whose common denominator ultimately simply consists of extreme sadism, together with a certain continuity and systematic methods.” Noblitt & Perskin, quoting Hans Ulrich Gresch.



What we see happening in the following case was also the focus of an article in the Austrian magazine Profil (Title story: “Unsere Justiz Hilflos, Überfordert, Träge? Schlampige Verfahren, Endlose Ermittlungen, Hass im Netz, Promibonus” (Engl. trans.: “Are our judiciary helpless, overburdened or lazy? Sloppy proceedings, endless investigations, hate on the net and celebrity perks”) 5th edition, 30.01.2017:


As a two-and-a-half-year-old child, Dara Rubens Sadegh never underwent any MR/CT/ nuclear medical /psychiatric examinations, while the fact that the mother and claimant was declared completely sane in a psychiatric examination on 23.12.2011 was totally ignored: the child was taken into state custody (without either a court order or an advance warning of exigent circumstances) on 13.02.2012, on the grounds that the mother “had suddenly become mentally ill”. Since then, the child has continued to be subjected to this form of violence (SRA, trauma-based mind control) – and the fact that the mother (who has a Master´s degree in Comparative Literature, a post graduate degree in Statistics and is also a fully qualified, licensed trainer, coach and counsellor) has submitted multiple written reports to the authorities since 2011, including further appeals, has likewise been ignored.


As legal recourse against her loss of custody of her child on 19.12.2012, Andrea Sadegh described the modus operandi of this crime in detail – with reference to the specialist scientific literature; As a result, the Court for Civil Matters of Vienna instigated a psychiatric assessment of the mother and claimant to decide whether she should be given a state-appointed guardian (to manage her affairs for her, as a supposedly mentally incapacitated person). Subsequently, court orders were falsified by the Regional Civil Court of BG Innere Stadt under Judge Dr. Michaela Zeitler – and after a complaint was lodged against that judge, were officially declared an “error”. Prof. Dr. Georg Pakesch, a sworn court expert who was trained at the Diplomatic Academy and is himself a victim of MK Ultra, carried out an examination of the mental state of the mother and claimant Andrea Sadegh. Either due to lack of knowledge or to being bound to professional secrecy, this expert/secret service asset reached the classic false conclusion: i.e. that humanitarian and social scientist Andrea Sadegh was mentally ill.

Lacter & Lehmann (2008) have already warned that “Reports or methods on mind control, secret service operations, and spiritual or parapsychological experiences that do not fall within the experience of clinical psychologists do not constitute a valid basis for diagnosing “Schizophrenia”: a) most clinical psychologists are not authorities on this complex subject; b) some perpetrators programme the victim with bizarre ideas (e.g. of abductions by aliens) to make them appear noncredible or mentally ill, both to themselves and to society at large, and c) extreme post-traumatic stress caused by ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control can lead to irrational fears and beliefs, particularly if the victims are socially isolated and/or receive information from unreliable sources – and in severe cases, this can lead to acute psychosis or to reactive psychosis brought on by chronic traumatic stress.”

Meanwhile, the mother and humanitarian and social scientist Andrea Sadegh has become one of the leading experts on this systematic crime, and is mentioned, for example, in an article by the psychologist Dr Rainer Kurz: (, who – quite rightly – puts the Sadegh case on a par with those of Kampusch and Fritzl – Austria’s two most notorious child abuse cases.


Without going into details, the modus operandi – specifically in cases of child abuse – is described in incisive detail in the book When His Eyes turned White by Catherine Ni Mhuillin (2014):

  1. The child talks about abuse – usually sexual abuse. The police conduct an inadequate investigation, claiming that there is not enough evidence to pass the case to the public prosecutor’s office, and close the case. The youth welfare office conducts an inadequate investigation, labelling everything as unfounded and refers the case to the family court, recommending the child be taken into “care”.
  2. Family judges appoint child advocates and/or psychologists to lay the blame on the mother by maliciously claiming that she is a liar/stirrer and/or mentally ill, and to recommend that custody be transferred to the father, who is – in their opinion – the “loving parent”.
  3. Judges minimise, ignore and conceal the evidence of abuse and rule that the mother is either lying/out to stir up trouble or mentally ill, and transfer custody to the abusive father.
  4. The judge isolates the child from the mother and from anyone who could confirm the truth about the abuse, while the children are conditioned to develop Stockholm syndrome and brainwashed by the abuser or by a “reunification/deprogramming therapist”, or at a foreign base, until they have either forgotten the abuse or withdrawn their accusations and consented to live with the abusive father.
  5. The judge ensures that the mother and her children can only see one another on supervised visits, during which neither she nor the children are allowed to speak about past or present abuse. As soon as anyone mentions the abuse, the supervisors send reports to the courts and immediately put an end to the visits.
  6. The judge issues directives forbidding the children to receive the kind of professional help that could support them in their disclosures, and also forbids the mothers to take their children to see doctors or therapists, thereby giving the abuser control over whom the children are allowed to see.
  7. The judge imposes a gagging order on the mother to prevent the public finding out anything about the abuse, including its cover-up, and threatens the mother with never being allowed to see her children again if she does not keep silent about the case and accept the cover-up.
  8. The judge disempowers the mother by driving her into bankruptcy through the judicial proceedings, by traumatising her through separating her from her children and by enabling the abuse to continue.


In the case of victims of SRA, MK Ultra (trauma-based mind control) or similar series of medical experiments on human beings, as in (among others) the Sadegh case, further systematic crimes are involved – such as the secret services’ attacks on victims, on parents protecting their children and on whistleblowers, as strikingly demonstrated by the murder attempt in March 2016, due to which Andrea Sadegh was forced to leave Austria for several months (and almost lost her entire means of livelihood). Besides this, we also find the misuse of office and authority typically organised by the courts to perpetuate the cover-up into the future and to continue using the child Dara Rubens Sadegh for those series of human experiments:

Through severe torture involving extreme psychological, physical and spiritual violence, (small) children are brought to the point where their personality splits into fragments. These personality fragments are then compartmentalised and programmed: through repeating this torture (as is known from international manuals on the subject), artificial personality profiles can be created.

These children are used by the paedo-criminal Establishment for sexual / mental / spiritual abuse, and later on, as adults, likewise used to carry out countless assignments, irrespective of their programming, for military purposes, in the secret services, as politicians, etc. – to work as “slaves” (as they are called in the specialist literature) for the groups who have created them, or to already work as child prostitutes during their “childhood” and to be simply disposed of afterwards. This crime has become known due, above all, to the “research” carried out by the CIA under the name “MK-Ultra”: in fact, the CIA imported the most famous scientist in the field of mind control, Dr Joseph Mengele, directly from Auschwitz Concentration Camp (where huge numbers of “experiments” were carried out, particularly on Jewish and growth-restricted children) via the ratline to America, from where this crime has rapidly spread throughout the world – particularly within the secret services and among doctors and psychologists eager to conduct human experiments.

As this type of crime can only be committed and covered up by the Establishment, and is usually concealed and protected by politicians, the crime as such is easily verifiable, including the subsequent crimes committed by the judiciary and authorities (to perpetuate the cover-up), as the irreversible injuries of the children (MPD, DID, autism and severe physical injuries verifiable through MR/CT) remain for a lifetime.


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