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Extreme abuse, trauma based mind control, (satanic) ritual abuse, severe chronic abuse is happening more often as it seems as well we are able to realize in this point in time. After having researched for years I am convinced that three ways – simultaneously are leading to healing or resilience: To have profound knowledge about the crime to be able to see and recognize; coaching and analytical techniques to realize, as well healing techniques for being able to heal. For this reason, I offer trainings, coaching, counseling and consulting, as well as lectures and workshops specialized on this highly complex topic, this in cooperation with international specialists out of different fields.Specialized on:

  • severe chronic abuse
  • (satanic/sadistic) ritual abuse
  • trauma based mind control programmings
  • Signs and symptoms of severe chronic abuse, SRA, trauma based mind control on toddlers and children
  • trauma and trigger(chains)
  • Identification of survivors – even as adults
  • Targeted individuals
  • Self protection
  • How to Support yourself
  • Modus operandi of These crimes under governmental protection



Coaching, Training, Counseling, Consulting & Lectures

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