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Trauma Based Mind Control & (satanic) Ritual Abuse is a network against torture on toddlers and children:

Through severe torture involving extreme psychological, physical and spiritual violence, (small) children are brought to the point where their personality splits into fragments. These personality fragments are then compartmentalised and programmed: through repeating this torture (as is known from international manuals on the subject), artificial personality profiles can be created.

These children are used by the paedo-criminal Establishment for sexual / mental / spiritual abuse, and later on, as adults, likewise used to carry out countless assignments, irrespective of their programming, for military purposes, in the secret services, as politicians, etc. – to work as “slaves” (as they are called in the specialist literature) for the groups who have created them, or to already work as child prostitutes during their “childhood” and to be simply disposed of afterwards. This crime has become known due, above all, to the “research” carried out by the CIA under the name “MK-Ultra”: in fact, the CIA imported the most famous scientist in the field of mind control, Dr Joseph Mengele, directly from Auschwitz Concentration Camp (where huge numbers of “experiments” were carried out, particularly on Jewish and growth-restricted children) via the ratline to America, from where this crime has rapidly spread throughout the world – particularly within the secret services and among doctors and psychologists eager to conduct human experiments.

As this type of crime can only be committed and covered up by the Establishment, and is usually concealed and protected by politicians, the crime as such is easily verifiable, including the subsequent crimes committed by the judiciary and authorities (to perpetuate the cover-up), as the irreversible injuries of the children (MPD, DID, autism and severe physical injuries verifiable through MR/CT) remain for a lifetime.




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Extreme abuse, trauma based mind control, (satanic) ritual abuse, severe chronic abuse is happening more often as it seems as well we are able to realize in this point in time. After having researched for years I am convinced that three ways – simultaneously are leading to healing or resilience: To have profound knowledge about the crime to be able to see and recognize; coaching and analytical techniques to realize, as well healing techniques for being able to heal. For this reason, I offer trainings, coaching, counseling and consulting, as well as lectures and workshops specialized on this highly complex topic, this in cooperation with international specialists out of different fields.Specialized on:
severe chronic abuse
(satanic/sadistic) ritual abuse
trauma based mind control programmings
Signs and symptoms of severe chronic abuse, SRA, trauma based mind control on toddlers and children
trauma and trigger(chains)
Identification of survivors – even as adults
Targeted individuals
Self protection
How to Support yourself
Modus operandi of These crimes under governmental protection
Coaching, Training, Counseling, Consulting & Lectures
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