About contracts in MK/SRA



[About contracts in SRA/MK]
I travelled the world to ask spiritual teachers but could not get an answer that related to my experiences in terms of MK ultra and my son: Watching him with 2 1/2 years in horrible flashbacks, where he suffered more about the promises and oaths he had to give within his basic mind fracture than about the torture itself – rapes, waterboarding, satanic ritual abuse, being mocked and laughed while desperately crying for me his mummy […] He also told me playfully that he was told that he (and me) would be a “ton of shit”, which was presented to him as something extremely nice and wonderful. I realized that something severe – also black magically – must have been installed here. Over the years searching this is what I have found out so far:

We come into this world with a kind of contract for things we want to experience or solve – our “mission”, so to speak. These are agreed before each incarnation. For this reason, we are sometimes born into very dark families, we suffer injustice, etc.

Satanists take over this principle here on earth since they too must respect the principle of “free will”. However, in their own style:
They already make contracts with babies, toddlers and children, who are not at all aware of what they agree to – my son was “lured” into the first contracts, simply because he wanted to return home to me, his mother. Imagine what a baby or toddler already is willing to do in exchange for warmth, security, affection, food, hygiene, etc. and his beloved parent.

Afterward – also within SRA and MK ultra – one contract after the next is made, for practically every step it needs the consent of the child as well as later on the consent of the adult.

So far, I have found the following agreements:
– through torture
– via drugs, alcohol
– with invisible ink on intentionally concluded contracts additionally attached (e.g. on the engagement certificate)
– & afterward, practically thousands of “if… then” chains, so “if I give you this… then I am allowed to do…”, etc.

As Satanists are blocked from higher frequencies, they always ask for your energy, for your abilities, for your wealth, your fortune as well they install – as witnessed with my son – a kind of energetic feedback that allows dark energies to be stuffed into the (small) children – even as adults – while bright energies are withdrawn:

The effect is fatal because no one wants to help the trafficked children because of the black energies that have been transferred into them, while the perpetrators who are pumped full with the lightful energies of the children get all the help of the world.

Since practically no one knows anything about these common black magic agreements, Satanists can get virtually any permission, in the “game” with timelines, dimensions, etc. even afterward.

It is therefore important for everyone to dissolve, revoke and cancel all possible contracts of ancestors (epigenetics), etc. This has to be done in all timelines, dimensions, etc. including all possible back-ups and back-back-ups.

Since Satanists also make deals based on seemingly harmless questions – like “Is this the house of XYZ?” – if the answer is “yes”, you have a good chance of having just signed a contract without knowing the content – Therefore it is important to revoke, cancel and dissolve all possible contracts practically every day, especially if you are MK-ed or within any cult.


Source: Andrea Sadegh, traumabasedmindcontrol.com
Source Picture: Dara Rubens Sadegh, after revoking contracts in 2012, before taken from the Austrian government to continue his MK programming without consent, he started to sleep peacefully again.