Torture in MK/SRA/extreme abuse


Deliberate Concussions
TRIGGER This is daily life of small and smallest SRA/MK/child trafficking victims and common practice. The technical term for it is “deliberate concussion”. It is done to either create alters, as well as to ensure that the toddlers cannot remember what happened before.
Most adult survivors went through this procedure.
We do have to inform the public because when a protecting parent asks a doctor for help because of such crimes she/he is regarded as insane, social service is snatching the child on governmental order. The networks committing such crimes are relying on the ignorance and the denial of the general public.
In this horrible clip, the woman committing these torture crimes is not in jail yet, the small ones are not saved [!!!].
Interpol was informed on 09/04/2018.
It is also important to see the symptoms: apathetic states, nose bleeding, vomiting – dissociation.
Be aware that this is triggering and heartbreaking to watch:


More about symptoms of tortured babies and toddlers on
Direct links in English:
Istanbul Protocol for toddlers and children
Presentation of symptoms of toddlers and children
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How to question toddlers and children after torture crimes
Andrea Sadegh, after this clip, has been deleted on Youtube, 05.09.2018
[more soon]
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