Despite of the many books, films, organizations as well the many child protection centers there is obviously a „law“ which leads always to the following: Are you in this situation, you might stay on your own for months or even years (like me, looking for help for now nearly 3 years): The network is too powerful, everything is planned in detail, too many representatives out of authorities or politics as well as physicians, psychologists, psychiatrist are involved, the fear to stand up against it is too big – especially – within a “western” country. If it happens, (secret) criminal services are not far away, even blatantly embarrassing for a totalitarian regime. My recommendation to all loving mummies and daddies: Do not let alone your child before it has not reached the age of 3 and above. After 3 years the children are not programmable via trauma (torture) bases mind control. And, there is nothing more beautiful than to discover the world with babies and toddlers.

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