no lie mri

“no lie mri”



Already, MRI examinations are/have been used in the United States to verify sexual abuse, ritual abuse, traces of torture and there have even been cases where the death penalty has handed out on the basis of MRI examinations.

Confidentially, the team has received information that these examinations using MRI/CT/nuclear medical procedures (battered child) are known to all conventionally trained doctors. If worst comes to worst, it would be possible to determine precisely how specific injuries have been inflicted, through examining the scar tissue even after the injuries have healed.

MRI can, however, do more than that. Using MRI, it is possible to measure and to image brain waves. Both children and adults who have suffered severe trauma are known to activate or deactivate different regions of the brain to those of children/adults without severe trauma. Also, conventionally trained doctors have known for years how the brain waves of psychopaths function, as their empathy centres have been deactivated. This too can be verified using MRI.

It is therefore all the more staggering that a whole legion of child protection centres, doctors, judges, public prosecutors, etc. remain silent concerning this decisive form of examination, and even refuse applications for such examinations to be carried out, as has been documented so strikingly in the Sadegh case and is also known in innumerable other cases. This highlights the fact that the states of the western world have no interest in carrying out these short, painless examinations, preferring to leave horrendous crimes unsolved and to acquit the perpetrators involved, as it were, for “lack of initial suspicion”, even before any examination has taken place.

It is thereby frequently argued that these examinations would be too expensive: for example, in the Sadegh test case alone, it appears that the western states – in this particular case, Austria – consider it cheaper to employ the entire judiciary, comprising (by now) over 40 judges/public prosecutors (not to speak of their aiders and abettors among medical or psychological professionals).

Another favourite argument is that the radiation would be harmful to the health of the (small) children: so, from the authorities’ point of view, torture, intensive torture training up to the age of 13, amounting to lifelong torture, is not harmful to health.

The damage done to the national economy is another taboo subject: instead of later being able to utilise the income of a healthy adult through tax sharing, most abused children give rise to horrendous costs as adults – due, on the one hand, to consequential damage to their health, and on the other, to their inability to work and early retirement, besides the cost of their medical treatment.

Classic injuries caused by this form of violence are damage to internal organs (scars, organ dysfunction) caused by blows and kicks – particularly to the stomach and kidneys. Chronic, irreparable damage to joints, the pelvis and the back muscles (intervertebral disc problems, osteoarthrosis, tendinitis, tailbone). Overstrain of the eyes (headaches, impaired vision, epileptic fits, fainting). Injury to the ears (impaired hearing, loss of hearing, ringing in the ears). Sterility caused by crushing or mutilating the internal genital organs. Stool incontinence caused by anal penetration from childhood onwards. Overall, these chronic injuries lead to an overstraining of the brain and the psyche which, combined with the drugs administered, cause further secondary damage (dissociative identity disorder, multiple personality; post-traumatic stress disorder, Asperger’s, autism, “schizophrenia”, etc.), to name but a few.

Particularly in the case of (small) children, the following applies: the earlier they receive help, the greater the chances of alleviating and healing the harm done to them.

Are these isolated cases? Unfortunately not.


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Translation by Verity Speedwell

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